Pokemon GO Spheal Spotlight Hour Guide

In Short
  • Spheal will start appearing frequently in the Spotlight Hour for Pokemon GO.
  • It will start on 9 July 2024, from 6 PM to 7 PM. Participating will reward you with 2x catch candies.
  • You can evolve Spheal and even encounter a Shiny Spheal.

As July comes under full swing, Pokemon GO spotlight hours are taking over. Our starter Pokemon spotlight hour is Spheal, an ice and water-type monster. The event will increase the spawn rate of Spheal thereby letting you catch it easily. So if you’re someone looking for this monster, keep reading our Pokemon GO Spheal Spotlight hour guide right here.

Pokemon GO Spheal Spotlight Hour Time and Special Bonus

Spheal of Approval Episode
Image Courtesy: Pokemon Anime/Pokemon

The Pokemon GO Spheal spotlight hour starts on July 9, 2024, from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM local time. During this time, Spheal’s spawn rate will increase thereby giving you more chances to catch it.

If you’ve participated in previous Pokemon GO spotlight hours like Makuhita, Wingull, and Roggenrola, you already know what to expect.

As with every Spotlight Hour, Spheal comes with some bonuses in Pokemon GO. By participating in today’s Spotlight Hour, you’ll earn 2x catch candy. Candy gets used to improving your Pokemon and is one of two components required to evolve or power them up.

Pokemon GO Spheal Spotlight Hour: Best Tips to Catch

Now that we know what to expect, keep reading for the best tips for the Pokemon GO Spheal spotlight hour.

1. Remember to Keep Walking

All Pokemon GO trainers among you already know the importance of walking. The same rule applies to the Pokemon GO Spheal spotlight hour. So the first and best advice I would give you is to walk as much as possible. Additionally, if you want to evolve your Spheal into Sealeo or Walrein, this is the perfect opportunity to focus on that.

2. Adventure Incense Helps

Use adventure incense to increase your chances to encounter Spheal during today's Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO

Using the Pokemon GO Adventure Incense gives you the best chance of finding and catching multiple Spheal. Using the adventure incense increases the number of Pokemon that appear near you so that you can encounter a variety of Pokemon more often.

To boost your chances of finding a shiny Spheal, use this item. You receive one Incense daily, increasing the spawn rate for 15 minutes. You can additionally buy a longer Adventure adventure using Pokecoins.

3. Razz Berry Will Help You Capture Spheal Easily

Use Razz Berry as it increases the chances of catching a Pokemon in Pokemon GO

Spheal has a 43% catch rate in Pokémon GO, which makes it quite manageable when encountering it in the wild. It’s best to use Razz Berries to increase your chances of catching it.

Using it improves your Pokemon catch rate, giving you a higher chance to catch them and enjoy the event successfully. Additionally, if you have too many Razz Berries in your inventory, using some of them will help.

4. Pokeball Stocking is Ideal

Stock up on some Great and Mega Balls in Pokemon GO for today's Spotlight Raid

Don’t forget to stock up on Poke Balls today. Bring Great Balls and Ultra Balls to the event, and ensure regular Poke Balls are on hand. This will help you capture as much Spheal during the spotlight hour.

And with that, you are all set for the Pokemon GO Spheal spotlight hour. Let us know in the comments below if you plan on participating!

Can you evolve Spheal in Pokemon GO?

Yes. Spheal can be evolved into Sealeo for 25 candies and Walrein for 100 candies.

Can you encounter a shiny Spheal?

Yes, during today’s Spotlight Hour, Spheal’s shiny variant will also appear. However, their spawn rate will be low.

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