Pokemon GO Mega Swampert Mega Raid Guide

In Short
  • Mega Swampert is one of the Pokemon joining the Pokemon GO July Mega Raids
  • You can fight this monster from July 8 to July 23, from 10 AM to 8 PM local time.
  • Bring over the best Mega Swampert counters like Venasaur, Sceptile, and Zarude.

As July begins, Pokemon GO events are here with it. Besides all the various encounters, we have ourselves a Pokemon GO Mega Swampert raid. Running from July 8 to July 23, Mega Swampert is one deadly Pokemon you need. So if you’re gearing up to defeat the boss, keep reading our Pokémon GO Mega Swampert Mega Raid guide to know it all!

Pokemon GO Mega Swampert Weaknesses

Mega Swampert as seen in the anime
Image Courtesy: The official Pokemon YouTube Channel

If you’ve battled a Mega Tyranitar in a Pokemon video game, you’ll discover that it shares similar strengths and weaknesses with Pokemon GO. The Mega Swampert is a Water/Ground Pokemon.

Mega Swampert’s weaknesses include Grass-type Pokemon. Additionally, Mega Swampert is resistant to electric, fire, poison, rock, and steel-type attacks. So, keep these in mind while bringing over a Pokemon to fight Mega Swampert.

Best Mega Swampert Counters

Mega Swampert counters

Now that we know Mega Swampert’s weaknesses, it’s time to get specific. As such, here are the best Pokemon GO Mega Swampert counters you should bring to the fight:

  • Venasaur or Mega Venasaur: Vine Whip, Frenzy Plant
  • Sceptile or Mega Sceptile: Bullet Seed, Frenzy Plant
  • Zarude: Vine Whip, Power Whip
  • Latios or Mega Latios: Dragon Breath, Solar Beam
  • Sceptile: Bullet Seed, Frenzy Plant
  • Chesnaught: Vine Whip, Frenzy Plant

The best way to deal with this Pokemon in the mega raid today is by bringing any strong grass Pokemon. Hence, my pick includes Venasaur, Sceptile, and Zarude. But if you don’t have these Pokemon, bring over any strong grass-type with you.

How to Add Mega Swampert to Your Team

Just like in previous Pokemon GO Mega raids, catching Mega Swampert directly is impossible. You must use a raid pass to join the Mega Swampert Mega Raid. And remember, this is not a solo mission—invite your friends to join the fight, as a united team will deal more damage and increase your chances of success.

After defeating the Mega Swampert, you’ll receive a Swampert bonus encounter. If you already have a Swampert, you won’t get it. Additionally, you’ll also receive Mega Energy. Once you have 200 Mega Energy, you can evolve your Swampert into the formidable Mega Swampert.

And that’s it for our Pokemon GO Mega Swampert Mega Raid Guide. Are you still struggling to catch this powerful Pokemon? Vent it out in the comments below!

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