Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule (July 2024)

In Short
  • For July 2024, Pokemon GO will allow you to catch a total of six different Pokemon across various timezones in Spotlight Hours.
  • These Pokemon will appear every Tuesday, from 6 - 7 PM local time.
  • For July 2024, you can catch Pikachu wearing a cake hat, Spheal, Binacle, Diglett, and Alolan Diglett, and Togedemaru.

As June draws to an end and we come to July, Pokemon GO spotlight hours return. The Pokemon GO July 2024 spotlight hour will see quite a few interesting Pokemon making an entry. So if you’re in the market for new monsters, keep reading as we discuss the Pokemon GO spotlight hour schedule for July 2024 right here!

Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour Schedule and Bonuses (July 2024)

Pokemon GO July Spotlight Hour Pokemon featuring

For July 2024, you can participate in five Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours. Each comes with bonuses you can take advantage of for one hour every week! Check them out below!

Pikachu wearing a cake hatJuly 22x Catch XP
SphealJuly 92x Catch Candy
BinacleJuly 162x Trainer Candy
Diglett and Alolan DiglettJuly 232x Evolution XP
TogedemaruJuly 302x Catch Stardust

The spotlight hour for this month will take place on the dates mentioned above, every Tuesday from 6 PM to 7 PM local time.

Pokemon GO June Spotlight Hour Spawn Rate and Shiny Appearance

If you plan to participate in the Pokemon GO July spotlight hour, remember that the featured Pokémon will appear frequently for only 60 minutes. This means you’ll have an excellent chance to find and collect enough candies to power up, evolve, or both.

In Pokemon GO, during spotlight hours, you might come across the Shiny version of the featured Pokemon. However, the likelihood of finding these Shiny Pokemon remains the same. To improve your chances of finding and catching one, you can use items like Adventure incense. Just keep in mind that finding a Shiny Pokemon depends entirely on luck. Good luck finding your Shiny Pokemon!

What Is a Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO?

To those unaware, Pokemon Go spotlight hours allow trainers to catch a specific Pokemon at a higher frequency. This naturally results in an increased spawn rate for that Pokemon for some time.

Pokemon GO spotlight hours also provide bonuses, and each one is no different, including July. These are generally in the form of increased XP gains, better Stardust gains, and more. So, if you want to improve your level or gain more Stardust for Pokemon leveling purposes, these events are the best to participate in.

We hope you’re now ready for the Pokemon GO July spotlight hour. Which Pokemon will you be hunting then? Let us know in the comments below!

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