PM CARES Fund Has Received Over 124 Crores in Donations Just via Google Pay

google pay pm cares fund donations

As the Coronavirus pandemic spread in the country, the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi announced a PM CARES fund. This is the fund the government wants citizens to donate money to in order to help India fight COVID-19.

To no surprise, the PM CARES fund has received a lot of donations. Today, a screenshot shared on Reddit by u/nefariousmonkey of the Google Pay app shows just how much money has been raised for PM CARES. According to the screenshot, the PM CARES fund has received donations of over 124 crores via Google Pay.

PM CARES Fund Has Received Over 124 Crores in Donations Just via Google Pay
Screenshot courtesy: u/nefariousmonkey on Reddit

It’s important to note that this number is the amount raised through donations made on Google Pay. Donations can be made via apps like Paytm, or even through the PM CARES website directly. That means the actual amount raised is definitely a lot higher than this number.

However, it’s still heartening to see people come together in times of crisis. Now one can only hope that the government utilises the money being raised to help people in difficulty during the pandemic, including doctors who have to work without PPE kits as they try to keep the country afloat.

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  • चीन के साथ किसी भी तरह का व्यापार न किया जाए यही यही लाजवाब सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक होगी।
    जय हिन्द जय भारत।

  • I also made donation through GPay. I could not generate receipt quoting the ref no . How to generate receipt. Can anyone throw light on this.

  • Thanks for sharing this great information and my opinion says that policy makers to consider that CSR (corporate social responsibility) be seen as important social contributor not only for corporates and all but to very tax paying, non tax paying individual, enterprises, groups, co operatives to contribute at least rupee one each month to a permanent public fund. So that in times of unavoidable circumstances, effected people are helped.
    Thank you
    Abhijit Kumar Mondal

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