India Panics As Paytm Faces Major Outage, And There’s No Explanation From the Company


India’s most widely used digital wallet Paytm faced some server issues late last evening, leaving several users stranded. Unable to access their funds or even log in to the platform, users flocked to Twitter and shared angry tweets with the hashtag #Paytmdown, which mirrored the #DeletePaytm campaign that started last month. The hashtag soon started blowing up, with more and more users tagging Paytm and its customer support handle Paytm Care.

In response, Paytm Care tweeted back to the affected users, claiming that the platform was “facing some technical issues”. About two hours into the fiasco, Paytm finally fixed the issue and sent replies to a few users that said:

“We have fixed the issue. We would suggest you to retry once. Please do write us back for further support.”

While the issue may have been fixed for a majority of the users, a few users still seem to be having issues logging into their accounts and making payments.

Users have been posting about the issue even after it was allegedly fixed, with the most recent tweet from earlier today.

Other than the responses on Twitter, Paytm has not released any information regarding the recent outage or how many people were affected. Veteran journalist Chaitanya Kalbag who approached a ‘senior executive’ at Paytm was told that the company was facing a server problem.

Upon receiving an automated response from Paytm Care, claiming that the issue had been fixed, Kalbag replied saying:

“Sorry but this is not good enough. It took several hours and Paytm did not inform customers (via text messages?) that there was a problem. People were told to ‘recharge’ already flush wallets, or made to re-register. Transactions crashed midway. This doesn’t inspire confidence.”

Interestingly, just like Paytm didn’t care to alert customers about the outage, the company didn’t care to respond to Kalbag’s comment on the issue. After waiting for a while to receive any response from the company, Kalbag added, “Amazing non-responsiveness! And amazing public apathy! Interesting what a collusive monopoly can do.”

The company still hasn’t released an official statement regarding the recent outage and while customers continue to suffer, we don’t believe that Paytm cares enough to respond.

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  • Prashant soni says:

    Last Sunday my payment is automatically 50000 deposit in Paytm account not my paytm wallet there is no transaction in my account. I know by bank message in my mobile. Paytm customer care ask oder no. But I have only transaction id. Through bank statement my amount is going to Paytm account. Not give me any satisfy answer. There is huge amount. When amount is refund or not. What will we do.

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