6 Hilarious Parodies of Google Glasses [Video]

I know most people won’t agree this statement but i do, Best thing about Google Glasses is the parodies made over it. I love’em.

So, today i am going to share 6 most funny Google Glass parodies (spoof) which i have hunted all night long.

Sit tight and enjoy, you are going to laugh hard,

1.  How Guys Will Use Google Glass (Google Glasses Parody)


2.  WTFfilmsFTW : Google Glasses Parody (Project Glass)


3.  Project Glass: Google Goggles (The Parody)


4.  Google Glasses: A New Way to Hurt Yourself


5.  ADmented Reality – Google Glasses Remixed with Google Ads


6.  Microsoft Windows version of Project Glass (Hilarious parody)

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UPDATE: A Bonus Parody of Google Glass.

7.  Google Glass Has Another New Gadget – CONAN on TBS