Palworld Already Has a Pokemon Mod with Ash and Pikachu

Palworld Pokemon mod
In Short
  • Australian YouTuber Toasted showcases a working Pokemon mod for Palworld.
  • The mod replaces existing Pals with Pokemons across generations. It also replaces NPCs with Pokemon characters.
  • Toasted will share an in-depth video on the mod on his YouTube channel later today.

Palworld, the brand-new survival game, is already being played by millions around the globe. However, the game’s likeness to the massive hit series Pokemon hasn’t gone unnoticed. While some loved Palworld’s execution, others criticized it for plagiarism. To add fuel to that fire, a modder now had the bright idea of adding a Pokemod mod directly into Palworld.

The news comes from the Australian YouTuber Toasted, who shared a sneak peek at the brand-new mod on his X account (formerly Twitter). The 24-second video shows the mod replacing existing Pals in-game with various Pokemons across different generations. It shows Lamball, Chikipi, and Cattiva of Palworld replaced by Wololo, Torchie, and even Pikachu!

The mod also swaps out NPC and boss characters in-game with Pokemon characters. The player character wears an Ash Ketchum skin. Misty and Brock also make an appearance through this mod.

Furthermore, we see groups of Pikachu working together to break some rocks, the player character fighting with a Torterra (which is a reskin of Mammorest in-game), and the Zoe & Grizzbot boss-fight getting replaced by Jessie of Team Rocket and Electrabuzz.

Toasted claims that he’ll share a full video of the mod later today. We are yet to know about the mod authors, and we’ll promptly update the article when that goes public.

For now, the PalworldMods community is actively distancing itself from any Pokemon-related mods in fear of Nintendo’s retribution. The Japanese company is well-known for issuing DMCA takedowns on its IPs, and this is just a recipe for disaster.

Honestly, the mod feels like a weird fever dream. Seeing Misty, Brock, and Ash sport guns to hunt Pikachus and Torchies in-game wasn’t on my 2024 wishlist. However, here we are. It is also impressive to see modders quickly putting in Pokemon mods for Palworld, especially when the game has only been out for five days in early access.

So, what do you feel about the mod? Are you looking forward to trying it out? Let us know in the comments below.

Update 1 (23/01/2024 5:00 pm)

Toasted shared a new X post (formerly Twitter), confirming that Nintendo had issued a takedown on the original X post. While the Australian YouTuber hasn’t confirmed whether he’s canceling the planned mod video, it is safe to say that Pokemon mods for Palworld are strictly a big no-no.

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