As ceasefire violations continued between India and Pakistan on the Line of Control (LOC), tensions between both the countries were obvious. Both the sides across the border had fires exchanged. Hence, there were reported injuries as well as deaths from both the countries.

While India didn’t react to this incident on Social Media at all; Pakistan took to twitter to pelt out its angst against what happened. Their focal interest wasn’t just the LOC killings but they made a lot of aspects clear from these killings. The trends like #CowardModi, #FreeKashmirFromIndia, #IndiaisTerrorist and #BoycottIndia remained the top 4 trends of the country.

Here are a few selected tweets that show the hatred and anger on Twitter coming from Pakistan.

Twitter has always been a medium to express your views in short and crisp manner. But words like terrorists have often been used far too easily. Maybe, we need to sense the actual problem between these countries a little more closely. But, it’s too soon to lose hope I guess.

While twitter is bombarding out with too much of hatred from Pakistanis towards Indians; here is a thread that not only showcases similarity between these two countries but there people as well.

The following is Reddit thread that touches your heart and makes you believe that India and Pakistan can be friends one day….One day!

India-Pakistan Conversation on Reddit

India-Pakistan Conversation on Reddit

India-Pakistan Conversation on Reddit

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