Opera Launches a Dedicated Crypto Browser Beta on Windows, Mac, and Android

Opera Launches a Dedicated Crypto Browser Beta on Windows, Mac, and Android
Image: Opera

From the company that brought you Opera GX, the world’s first gaming browser, comes the world’s first crypto browser. Yes, you read that right. Considering the buzz around cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3, Opera felt the need to create a dedicated browser for it.

Opera Crypto Browser Launched

Opera says that its crypto browser is built to work with a variety of decentralized apps and offers deeper integration to crypto wallets. To help establish the ecosystem, Opera has integrated multiple blockchains, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Celo, and Nervos so far. Furthermore, the company has announced partnerships with Handshake, NEAR, Polygon and Solana too.

One noteworthy feature of the browser is the presence of a native non-custodial crypto wallet. This way, you can sign into dApps or access your crypto from the browser without having to install an additional browser extension. In addition, Opera has also included a wallet selector tool for third-party wallets like Metamask.

You get a Crypto Corner feature in the browser that highlights the latest blockchain news, upcoming airdrops, an industry events calendar, NFTs, crypto communities, educational content, podcasts, videos, crypto prices, gas fees, and market sentiment.

Opera’s free built-in VPN and ad & tracker blocker feature will also make their way to this crypto browser. There’s even a secure clipboard that ensures that third-party apps have not modified your wallet address or accessed sensitive data. Notably, Opera says it will make the browser and wallet open-source soon.

Opera’s crypto browser is currently available in beta on Windows, Mac, and Android. The company promises to launch an iOS version in the future. Do you see yourself using a crypto browser in the foreseeable future? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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