Sam Altman’s Most Used App Is NOT ChatGPT; Here’s What He Uses All Day!

openAI CEO Sam Altman sitting with Microsoft former CEO Bill Gates discussing AI and his most used app
In Short
  • Sam Altman sat down for an interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on his podcast recently.
  • The tech titans discussed the future of artificial intelligence, its societal impact, and also discussed which application they use the most.
  • It was revealed that Sam Altman uses Slack the most on his phone! The second most used app by OpenAI's CEO is Apple iMessage.

Sam Altman leads the OpenAI team as the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). A pioneer in artificial intelligence, he is largely known for his vision and work on ChatGPT, which is one of the most popular AI tools used in the world today.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman recently sat down with Bill Gates (Microsoft co-founder) and discussed various topics at length. This included the societal impact of new technologies, the current state of AI, and the future of OpenAI. During the talk, Gates asked Altman –What application on the phone do you use the most?

To this, the ChatGPT creator had a rather unexpected reply. He revealed that ChatGPT is not the app that he uses the most on his phone. The OpenAI CEO said, “I wish I could say ChatGPT,” but guess what his most used app is? It’s Slack.

“I didn’t quite count the browser as an app. It’s possible it use it more, but I still would bet Slack. I’m on Slack all day”
– Sam Altman

Slack is a communication app used by many companies, including Beebom, to text, share files, and manage day-to-day tasks across various channels. Reportedly, many Fortune 100 companies also use Slack as their primary communication interface. Slack helps in organizing the company into various channels and teams. Efficient and reliable communication with features suitable for professional needs is exactly what Slack provides.

Sam Altman revealing Slack as his most used app shows how busy the CEO gets managing and coordinating the efforts at OpenAI. On the second position of Altman’s most used apps, comes Apple’s iMessage, which is quite common in the US. During this interview, Sam Altman also said “Each technological revolution has gotten faster. [Artificial intelligence] will be the fastest by far.”

Speaking of the most-used app by Gates, he revealed that he uses Outlook the most. Reportedly, he uses his web browser the second most after Outlook since it is his go-to for reading news articles. If you personally ever wanted to use ChatGPT more often, but need a more convenient way to do so, here is how to use Siri with ChatGPT!

What are your thoughts on Sam Altman’s most used app? Did you expect that Slack would rank as the number one most-used app by OpenAI’s CEO? Do let us know the app you use the most in the comments below!

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