OnePlus 6 Portrait Mode Test: Still Lacks That Flagship Finesse

OnePlus devices are popularly known as the flagship killers, and for the most part, that moniker stands true. However, if there has been one department where OnePlus phones can’t quite match up to their flagship counterparts like the Google Pixel 2 or the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, it’s the cameras. No matter how hard OnePlus has tried in the past, it could not deliver the camera performance that is expected from a high-end device. That said, it’s a new year and we have yet another OnePlus device in-house. So, let’s see, if OnePlus has improved things over the past six months as we put the brand new OnePlus 6 to our portrait mode test:  

OnePlus 6 Portrait Mode Test

Do note that we are going to focus only on the OnePlus 6 camera’s portrait mode performance here, so, if you want to see how the camera performs in other situations, check out our full camera review of the OnePlus 6. With that said, as far as the portrait mode performance is concerned, the OnePlus 6 couldn’t wow us. I mean, in bright light, the portrait shots came out really nice, however, even with the beauty mode turned off, the OnePlus 6 was smoothing out the details of the faces. Then there were times when the OnePlus 6 was not able to identify the subject clearly and was clearly blurring its edges.

OnePlus 6 Portrait Mode Test: Still Lacks That Flagship Finesse OnePlus 6 portrait shots3 OnePlus 6 Portrait Mode Test: Still Lacks That Flagship Finesse

Things went worse when we tested the OnePlus 6’s portrait mode capabilities in low light conditions. It was very hard to get the portrait effect right and believe me, we really tried hard. Also, there was noise in the portrait shots that we took in the low light situations. Overall, the portrait mode performance of the OnePlus 6 is not bad by any means, however, it’s also not good enough. You can get good portrait shots out of this phone, however, you will have to try really hard.

OnePlus 6 portrait shots1 OnePlus 6 portrait shots2

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OnePlus 6 Portrait Mode Test: Still A Long Way to Go

OnePlus 6 packs really good cameras, especially when you consider the price of the device. However, it’s still not in a place where you know that every picture that you take is going to turn out right. OnePlus still has a long way to go if it wants to take on the smartphones like the Pixel 2. That said, I am impressed with the progress the company has made since the release of their last smartphone, the OnePlus 5T and hence I am hoping that the company will be able deliver its true flagship killer in the future.

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