All Cast and Characters in One Piece Live-Action Season 2

Netflix released the debut season of the One Piece live-action series (review) in August 2023, and it quickly became one of the most-watched live-action projects on the platform. It also broke the curse of bad live-action adaptations and got renewed for a second season soon after its arrival. Now, as the second season starts filming, we are here with a list of all the new and returning characters and cast members confirmed to be a part of One Piece live-action Season 2.

Characters Confirmed to Appear in Netflix’s One Piece Season 2

The plethora of characters from the One Piece universe got a chance to appear in the non-animated version of the franchise. And here, we have discussed the characters who will appear in Season 2 of the Netflix show.

New CharactersReturning Characters
Nefertari ViviMonkey D. Luffy
Nico RobinRoronoa Zoro
CrocusMonkey D. Garp
Mr. 5Koby
Tony Tony ChopperHelmeppo
Buggy The Clown
Red Hair Shanks

Nefertari Vivi

Vivi from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Crunchyroll

Arabasta Kingdom’s princess, Nefertari Vivi, is one of the significant characters in the upcoming arc of One Piece. Initially, she will be seen using the codename ‘Miss Wednesday’ during her days at the Baroque Works.

However, when her real identity is discovered, she decides to join the Straw Hat Pirates. She spent her days and nights working alongside Luffy’s crew in the Arabasta Saga. Netflix is currently looking to cast a female lead aged between 17-20 for the role.

Nico Robin

Nico Robin from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Crunchyroll

Also known as the Devil Child, Nico Robin is one of the most beloved One Piece characters with a massive fan following. Robin was introduced as an antagonist in the beginning, but later, she became a pivotal member of the Straw Hat Pirates. She is also one of the few people in the world of One Piece who can read the poneglyphs.

So, she will surely grab the attention of the global fandom when she appears in One Piece Season 2 on Netflix. The streaming platform is looking for someone aged 20-39 to play Robin’s role.


Smoker from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Crunchyroll

Smoker is a major character of Loguetown Arc, whose mission has always been to capture Monkey D. Luffy. A young Smoker made a cameo in One Piece LA Season 1. So, it would be safe to say that we will meet him in Loguetown.

Smoker is a smoke-smoke fruit user, so he uses the full potential of his abilities to seize his targets. Well, whenever he arrives in the live-action world of One Piece, I’m excited to see the cat & mouse between him and Luffy. We should be ready to witness someone aged 25 and 35 as Smoker, as per Netflix’s casting call.


Tashigi from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Crunchyroll

During her days at G-5, Tashigi worked under Smoker. She also teamed up with Smoker when he tried to seize Luffy in the Loguetown arc. However, in the Punk Hazard Arc and Arabasta Saga, she temporarily joined the Straw Hat Pirates alongside Smoker.

Besides that, when she crosses paths with the green-haired Zoro, the latter sees his long-lost friend Kuina’s resemblance in Tashigi. We may get to see someone around 20-29 portraying the character.


Mikita from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Crunchyroll

Mikita, also known as Ms. Valentine, comes with a hilarious style of laughing, so it would be fun to see the actor portraying her laugh that way. Besides that, the character is an antagonist who has the ability to lose or gain weight at will, thanks to the Kiro Kiro no Mi devil fruit.

Coming with zero to little combating skills, she relies highly on her ally, Mr. 5, to deal with enemies. Netflix is looking for an actor aged 20-29 for the role.


Crocus from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Crunchyroll

Crocus is an elderly man who spent several years as a lighthouse keeper, and his exceptional medical expertise helped him get a place in Gol D. Roger’s crew. The pirate suffered from an incurable disease and no one in the world was able to help him except Crocus.

That one instance made people around the world see him as the best and most trustworthy doctor in the world. Netflix is looking to cast an actor aged 65-79 for this role.

Mr. 5

Mr. 5 from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Crunchyroll

Whisky Peak Arc’s main antagonist, Mr. 5 is a Bomb-Bomb fruit user and one of the strongest members of Baroque Works. He is really good at close combat, so we will see some intriguing fight sequences in One Piece Season 2 on Netflix. A man aged between 20-29 can be seen portraying Mr. 5 in the live-action.

Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Crunchyroll

Tony Tony Chopper is a reindeer who consumed a devil fruit that allowed him to live a hybrid life. To be precise, the reindeer can turn into a human whenever he desires to. After receiving medicinal knowledge during his time on Drum Island, he serves as a doctor for Luffy’s crew.

Chopper is a crucial member of the Straw Hat Pirates, who also adds to the humor elements in the show alongside Usopp.

Characters Returning in One Piece Live-Action Series

The One Piece live-action characters discussed below will return to bless the community with a top-notch experience in Season 2:

Inaki Godoy as Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy from One Piece Live-Action
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Monkey D. Luffy is one of the most lovable anime characters, so it was utterly important for the creators to find someone who could fit his shoes perfectly. Well, that’s why they cast Inaki Godoy, who made us realize that no one else could portray Luffy as flawlessly as he did.

Monkey D. Luffy has wanted to be the King of the Pirates since the beginning. Despite starting from scratch, he didn’t take much time to establish a crew, thanks to his confidence level and exceptional people skills. One Piece Season 1 saw the young pirate getting on the nerves of several pirates, but no matter what, he defeats everyone with his analytical and physical abilities.

Now that Luffy has a crew, a huge boat, and an even bigger bounty on his head, the new season may see him getting chased by every other pirate for the bounties.

Mackenyu as Roronoa Zoro

Roronoa Zoro from One Piece Live-Action
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Roronoa Zoro, portrayed by the Japanese actor Mackenyu, surprised every viewer with his incredible swordsmanship when he killed the Mercenary Mr. 7 without much trouble. Furthermore, he comes across Helmeppo, Captain Morgan’s son, whom he teaches a lesson for disrespecting the little girl at the bar.

That’s when Luffy sees him for the first time and gets highly impressed with his gestures. Later, when the Navy punishes the green-haired swordsman by hanging him, Luffy helps him escape, and since then, the duo has been together. His biggest goal is to defeat the world’s best swordsman i.e., Dracule Mihawk, so we can see him honing his skills simultaneously while fulfilling his duties towards the Straw Hat Pirates.

Emily Rudd as Nami

Nami from One Piece Live-Action
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Nami was the third person to join Luffy’s crew. She had spent most of her life collecting money to pay Arlong’s debt and free her village. She joined the Straw Hat Pirates with the same intention, as she believed that every pirate is greedy. But after meeting Luffy, her perception changed. Luffy also helped her fight the Fishmen at the end of Season 1, putting an end to her troubles.

Nami has always wanted to create a world map, so now that Arlong is defeated, she will surely be seen working on her ambition.

Jacob Romero Gibson as Usopp

Usopp from One Piece live-action
Image Courtesy: Netflix

After Nami, Usopp became a member of Straw Hat Pirates. Like the other actors, Gibson fits into the shoes of Usopp flawlessly. When Luffy, alongside Nami and Zoro, arrives at the Syrup Village looking for a boat, they meet Usopp, who takes them to Kaya. The girl wasn’t aware that she was being slowly poisoned by Klahadore, disguised as her caretaker

After protecting her from the evil man, Usopp joins Straw Hat Crew as a sniper. Usopp has been dreaming of becoming one of the potent warriors of the sea, and we expect to see him prove his worth in the upcoming season.

Taz Skylar as Sanji

Sanji from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Sanji debuts in Episode 5 of One Piece Season 1, where he serves as a chef in the Baratie. Fans who have met Sanji in the anime already know that his character has been modified a lot.

In the animanga, Sanji appears to be obsessed with women, which makes him appear as a pervert at times. However, the Sanji we get introduced to in OP LA is charming and boasts a different style of flirting, making him relatable. After joining Luffy’s gang, Sanji proves to be a pivotal asset, and we can expect him to be the same in the second season.

Vincent Regan as Monkey D. Garp

Monkey D. Garp from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Netflix

The Marine Vice Admiral, Monkey D. Garp, is none other than Luffy’s grandfather. However, he never wanted his grandson to become a pirate, so he always tracked him down. However, things between Garp and Luffy never felt as rushed as they looked in OPLA.

Even though the vice admiral freed Luffy at the end of the first season, we can expect to see him in the new season.


Koby from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Morgan Davies portrays Koby in OPLA. Koby is a character who has spent most of his life thinking that the world is Black and White. That’s because he never got to experience the life he dreamed of; instead, he was forced to work as a cleaner for Alvida.

However, one day, Luffy shows up and frees him from Alvida’s shackles. The boy provokes Koby to move toward his dreams instead of running from them. To be precise, it was Luffy who helped Koby to join the Marines. In the first season, he didn’t get a lengthy screentime, but the upcoming season might show him playing a more pivotal role.

Buggy The Clown

Buggy from One Piece
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Jeff Ward portrays Buggy the Clown. He is one of the characters who will return again and again to make Luffy’s life a next-level adventure. The red-nosed clown has consumed a chop-chop fruit that gave him the power to control his body parts even after getting them split. Despite abducting Luffy to take the Grand Line map from him, he couldn’t succeed.

After getting humiliated by the Straw Hat Crew, he decides to team up with Alvida and seek revenge on Luffy. So, we could see him creating more hurdles than before in Luffy’s path in Season 2.


Helmeppo from One Piece Live-Action
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Helmeppo, portrayed by Aidan Scott in One Piece live-action, is the son of the cruel Marine captain, Morgan. Initially, Helmeppo is seen as a spoilt brat who uses his father’s position to bully others.

However, Helmeppo joins the Marines after Morgan is defeated by Luffy and Zoro. He meets Koby there, and we see the two characters bonding. We can expect him and Koby to work as a team in the coming season.

Red Hair Shanks

Shanks from OPLA
Image Courtesy: Netflix

The British actor Peter Gadiot portrays Red Hair Shanks in OP LA. He is mostly seen in Luffy’s flashback, which reveals why the boy is so desperate to enter the world of pirates. The live-action also featured him learning about Luffy becoming a pirate and having a huge bounty on his head.

Luffy and Shanks barely meet in anime, so we can expect the show to follow a similar pattern, and it’s unlikely that we’ll see these two reuniting in Season 2.


Alvida from OPLA
Image Courtesy: Netflix

Ilia Isorelýs Paulino as Alvida was the first pirate Luffy encountered at sea. Although she did look dangerous, Luffy didn’t have to try hard to defeat her. However, as Buggy The Clown decided to ally with her, we can see her again in the second season.

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