One Piece: All the Swords Used by Zoro

Roronoa Zoro is on a quest to become the world’s greatest swordsman in the One Piece world. He has managed to attract millions of fans on his journey. And now, the day Zoro achieves his goal is near, but he must defeat Dracule “Hawk Eyes” Mihawk, who currently holds the title of the best swordsman in One Piece. However, his journey hasn’t been easy, and we have seen Zoro use many different swords in his battles over the 1000+ One Piece episodes released to date.

So, if you are wondering how many swords Zoro has used or what swords he owns right now, you have come to the right place. From fan-favorite swords like Enma and Wado Ichimonji to swords Zoro used temporarily, we have included them all. Before I get to the list though, I suggest learning about the swords and their grades in One Piece. That said, let’s dive in!

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers about Zoro’s sword collection shown in One Piece. We suggest you watch the anime or read the manga first to avoid ruining the intended experience.

Zoro with his sword
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (X/@OnePieceAnime)

For those unaware, Roronoa Zoro is a swordsman who originated from the Shimotsuki Village in East Blue. He was a bounty hunter in his initial days, thus, earning the nickname Pirate Hunter Zoro in One Piece. Shortly after, Zoro accepted Luffy’s invitation to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

Zoro is the main combatant and swordsman in the Straw Hat Pirates crew, alongside Brook, and is exceptionally loyal to Luffy. Therefore, he is also instantly recognized as the captain’s right-hand man. He joined the crew to pursue his dream of becoming the world’s greatest swordsman.

As a swordsman, Zoro has perfected a three-sword style (Santoryu), wielding a sword in each hand and one in his mouth. He can use all three forms of Haki and has also become one of the strongest haki users recently in the Wano Country arc.

Zoro’s Sword Collection (in Order)

Throughout the story, Zoro has always kept one sword by his side, while he has gone through his fair share of swords when fighting other pirates. He used various swords in his lifetime, starting from dual katanas to the most recent addition Enma.

Let’s look at Zoro’s sword collection, its names, meanings, and its abilities in the One Piece world. The swords are mentioned in the order he collected them:

1. Unnamed Dual Katanas

An image of Zoro with dual katanas in One Piece.
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Type: Katana
  • Grade: Unknown
  • Owners: Zoro
  • Debut: Episode 2, Chapter 5
  • Price: Unknown

Zoro began his journey in the One Piece anime with two unnamed katanas and the Wado Ichimonji blade. Zoro invented the three-sword technique, hence, he carried three swords with him at all times. There is not much information available regarding these two katanas as they were normal blades. However, we know that the twin katanas were precious to Zoro as they were gifted to him by Wano-born swordsmith Shimotsuki Kozaburo when he was a kid.

Now, these dual katanas have to be the weakest swords Zoro ever wielded, as they were utterly shattered when he faced Dracule Mihawk, the world’s strongest swordsman (see the complete list of strongest swordsmen in One Piece here), in the Baratie arc. Zoro’s third sword, the Wado Ichimonji, survived the intense blows from Mihawk, so let’s take a look at what makes it so special.

2. Wado Ichimonji

An image of Zoro with Wado Ichimonji in One Piece.
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)
  • Meaning: Straight Line through the Path of Harmony or Harmony Path Beeline
  • Type: Katana
  • Grade: Great Grade (Ō Wazamono)
  • Owners: Shimotsuki Kozaburo, Koushirou, Kuina, Zoro
  • Debut: Episode 2, Chapter 5
  • Price: 10,000,000+ Berries

The legendary Wado Ichimonji has been part of Zoro’s sword collection since day one. It belongs to the 21 Great Grade Meito (21 Great Grade Swords or Ō Wazamono). This sword was previously supposed to be passed down to Zoro’s childhood friend Kuina, a girl who defeated him several times at the dojo.

However, due to Kuina’s untimely demise, Zoro took possession of the Wado Ichimonji from Kuina’s father Koushirou. Then, he vowed to become the world’s greatest swordsman with this sword alongside. This mighty sword was forged by Shimotsuki Kozaburo, Kuina’s grandfather. A lot of information regarding this blade was revealed recently in the Wano Country arc (see the list of One Piece arcs in order here).

As mentioned above, this was the only sword that could withstand Mihawk’s supreme-grade Yoru blade strikes. It is a Great Grade sword and that is more than enough to serve as a testament to the power levels of this sword. And as he promised, Zoro would likely carry this blade till the conclusion of his voyage.

3. Sandai Kitetsu III

An image of Zoro with Sandai Kitetsu III in One Piece.
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)
  • Meaning: Oni Piercer or Third Generation Ogre
  • Type: Katana, Cursed Sword
  • Grade: Grade Blades (Wazamono)
  • Owners: Kozuki Sukiyaki, Ipponmatsu, Zoro
  • Debut: Episode 49, Chapter 97
  • Price: 1,000,000+ Berries

Sandai Kitetsu (Kitetsu III) is classified as a grade blade (Wazamono), a lower grade than Zoro’s other swords. Kozuki Sukiyaki, a famed wordsmith in Wano country, crafted this sword. When Zoro impressed the arms merchant Ipponmatsu with his skills in Logue Town, he handed Zoro this blade for free, along with the Yubashiri sword. This sword is considered to be cursed (as recognized by Zoro) and is said to bring tremendous misery to its owner.

Zoro tested his luck against this cursed sword, though, by throwing it up in the air and holding his arm out. He wanted to see if the sword could cut off his arm. But in the end, Zoro won with his luck as the sword landed smoothly without hurting him. This is rather impressive as the Sandai Kitetsu is known for its sharpness and bloodthirst. Zoro has learned how to control this sword and still carries it with him to this day.

4. Yubashiri

An image of Yubashiri sword in One Piece.
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)
  • Meaning: Snow Run, Snow Chaser
  • Type: Katana
  • Grade: Skillful Grade Blades (Ryō Wazamono)
  • Owners: Ipponmatsu, Zoro
  • Debut: Episode 49, Chapter 97
  • Price: Unknown

Yubashiri is one of the 50 Skillful Grade Blades, which are swords of high quality but still rank under the 21 Great and 12 Supreme Grade Blades in One Piece. The sword belonged to the Ipponmatsu family for generations. Dazzled by Zoro’s swordsmanship and luck with the Sandai Kitetsu, Ipponmatsu decided to give Zoro this sword for free as well.

Zoro called the Yubashiri a very easy sword to control as it was lightweight but still had the sharpness to cut through a Sea Train carriage without much effort. As great as this sword sounds, it didn’t stand with Zoro for long.

Unluckily, it was destroyed by Shu (a marine captain) in the Enies Lobby arc. Shu ate the Sabi Sabi no Mi (Rust-Rust Fruit) devil fruit, which granted him the power to rust and damage whatever he touched. When Zoro challenged him to a fight, Shu promptly employed his devil fruit powers to ruin the Yubashiri sword and turn it into ashes. The Rumbar Pirates’ cemetery in the Thriller Bark served as the final resting place for this blade.

5. Shusui

An image of Shusui sword in One Piece.
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)
  • Meaning: Autumn Water
  • Type: Katana
  • Grade: Great Grade (Ō Wazamono)
  • Owners: Shimotsuki Ryuma, Zoro (Returned to Wano Country now)
  • Debut: Episode 342, Chapter 448
  • Price: Unknown

Shusui is a black blade and one of the 21 Great Grade (O Wazamono) swords. The legendary ‘Sword God’ Shimotsuki Ryuma of the Wano nation once wielded this blade, thus, it is recognized as a holy Wano treasure. Did you know that Zoro and Ryuma are related? learn more about that in our Zoro’s family tree article.

Ryuma’s corpse and his sword were stolen by Gecko Moria, who then went to Thriller Bark. That’s how Zoro faced off and defeated Ryuma’s zombie version in Thriller Bark. The zombie chose to gift his formidable sword to Zoro after being amazed by his swordsmanship. This was even showcased again in the recent One Piece spin-off titled Monsters: 103 Mercies Dragon Damnation which retold the tale of Ryuma.

The Yubashiri sword was replaced by this one until Gyukimaru took it away in the Wano country. Kozuki Hiyori offered the Enma sword as compensation for Shusui since it was a national treasure that had been missing for years. Eventually, the Shusui sword was returned directly to its rightful owner, Ryuma’s grave, after Zoro accepted the offer. Shusui is inarguably one of the best swords wielded by Zoro until now.

6. Enma

Zoro with his sword Enma in One Piece
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (X/@OnePieceAnime)
  • Meaning: Enma (Yama)
  • Type: Katana
  • Grade: Great Grade (Ō Wazamono)
  • Owners: Shimotsuki Kozaburo, Kozuki Oden, Kozuki Hiyori, Zoro
  • Debut: Episode 955, Chapter 954
  • Price: Unknown

Enma is also one of the 21 Great Grade (O Wazamono) swords wielded by Zoro in One Piece. It was wielded by the fabled character Kozuki Oden, and he even cut Kaido with this very blade. As mentioned, the Enma was handed over to his daughter Kozuki Hiyori, who then passed it to Zoro as compensation for the Shusui. So yeah, this powerful and renowned sword ended up in the hands of Zoro, and now, he’s causing a storm wherever he goes with this blade.

This sword was also crafted by Wano’s Shimotsuki Kozaburo, much like the Wado Ichimonji. Kozaburo deemed the Enma to be his best masterpiece, and it ranks among the strongest swords in existence in the One Piece world. Hiyori also called it a worthy replacement for the Shusui in Zoro’s collection.

Unlike any other Zoro’s sword, this sword has the trait of taking out the wielder’s Armament (or Busoshoku) Haki. Due to the sudden and significant discharge of the owner’s Armament Haki, this sword is considered uncontrollable and hard to handle. This effect was first observed when Zoro used the Enma during his training, but he has now become familiar with it.

This sword has numerous triumph feats such as injuring Kaido to the point it left a scar, cutting the tip of an island, defeating a lunarian, etc. Out of all the swords here, Kozuki Sukiyaki claimed that if Zoro can turn Enma permanently into a black blade successfully, it would receive an upgrade in its grade i.e. it can become a Supreme Grade sword from Great Grade (Ō Wazamono).

Temporary Swords Used by Zoro

As you might have learned by now, Zoro is a three-sword user in the One Piece world. When he is missing his ordinary swords, he borrows them from a buddy, picks them up off the ground, or utilizes the enemy’s weapons, depending on the scenario. Thus, Zoro used several temporary swords throughout his journey. We have listed them all right here:

1. Johnny And Yosaku’s Swords

An image of Zoro with Johnny And Yosaku's Swords in One Piece,
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)
  • Meaning: Vegetable-Cutting Sword
  • Type: Sword
  • Grade: Unknown
  • Owners: Johnny & Yosaku
  • Debut: Episode 19, Chapter 44
  • Price: Unknown

When Mihawk destroyed Zoro’s dual katanas during their duel, he was left with only his Wado Ichimonji blade. He couldn’t execute the three-sword method since he didn’t have two extra swords. As a result, right after that incident during the Arlong Park arc, he borrows two swords from his pals Johnny and Yosaku to fight Hatchan. He then returns the swords to them after a triumphant victory.

2. Random Marines’ Cutlass

An image of Zoro with a cutlass in One Piece.
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Crunchyroll)
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Type: Sword
  • Grade: Unknown
  • Owner: Unkown Marine
  • Debut: Episode 309, Chapter 426
  • Price: Unknown

Zoro was ambushed by the marine captain Shu at the end of the Enies Lobby arc. As mentioned above, Shu consumed the Sabi Sabi no Mi (Rust-Rust Fruit) devil fruit, granting him the ability to rust and ruin the things he touches. When Zoro tried to battle him, he immediately used his devil fruit powers to demolish Zoro’s Yubashiri sword.

To compensate for this loss, Zoro grabbed a nearby marine Cutlass to carry out the three-sword style. But his attempt was futile since Shu smashed this temporary Cutlass as well.

3. Seppuku Blade

An image of Zoro with a seppuku blade in One Piece,
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (X)
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Type: Tanto
  • Grade: Unknown
  • Owner: Unknown
  • Debut: Episode 892, Chapter 909
  • Price: Unknown

In the Wano Country arc (one of the best arcs in One Piece), Zoro was compelled to perform seppuku by offering a blade. He then used this little seppuku blade on his attackers to get control of the situation. By wielding this little tanto blade, he was able to turn a deadly situation in his favor.

4. Kamazo’s Scythe

Zoro with Kamazo's scythe in Wano arc
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (X)
  • Meaning: Unknown
  • Type: Scythe
  • Grade: Unknown
  • Owner: Killer
  • Debut: Episode 934, Chapter 937
  • Price: Unknown

In One Piece’s Wano Country arc, Gyukimaru seized Zoro’s Shusui sword, leaving him with only two blades. In the meantime, Kamazo the Manslayer (a moniker for Killer from the Kid Pirates, see their One Piece Jolly Roger while you are here) confronted him. Zoro snatched a scythe from Kamazo since he is capable of turning the deadly scenario around on his own. He then used the lethal 3-sword style Onigiri to beat Kamazo.

5. Bonus Sword: Sogeking

An image of Zoro with Sogeking in One Piece.
Source: One Piece by Toei Animation Studios (Fandom)
  • Debut: Episode 294

Back in the Enies Lobby arc, Zoro finds himself in an unusual circumstance after being handcuffed to Sogeking. The key to the handcuffs is with the CP9 members who are confronting him. While in a bad predicament, he has the bright idea to take up Sogeking and wield him as another blade in the fight. Only the world’s greatest swordsman of the future can think of such wonderful innovations.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about the swords wielded by Zoro in One Piece until now. We hope you were able to learn not only the history behind each sword but also its great abilities. Zoro has come a long way with all these swords, and we cannot wait until we get to see him beat Mihawk to become the world’s greatest swordsman.

Undoubtedly, Zoro will get his hands on new swords in the future, and we will update this article regularly to bring you the latest information. Meanwhile, which sword used by Zoro has captivated you the most? Do let us know in the comments below.

What 3 swords does Zoro have?

Wado Ichimonji, Sandai Kitetsu, and Enma are the current three swords wielded by Zoro as of now.

What are Zoro’s strongest swords?

Undoubtedly, Enma is the strongest sword that is in Zoro’s possession now. It is considered a masterpiece by its maker, Shimotsuki Kozaburo.

What is Zoro all sword style called?

Zoro has a unique sword style known as Santōryū or Three Sword style in which he wields three swords all the time (one in each hand and one in his mouth).

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