One Piece Chapter 1109: The Five Elders All Arrive on Egghead Island

In Short
  • One Piece chapter 1109 teases the arrival of the rest of the Five Elders, aka Gorosei, on Egghead Island for an all-out war.
  • Four magic circles with black smoke have appeared around St. Saturn, which will summon the rest of the Gorosei to fight the Straw Hats.
  • Their primary objective is to stop Vegapunk's announcement from airing on every Transponder Snail around the world.

It’s been a while since the One Piece fandom has been hyped to this extent. The last time the fans were this dumbfounded was when Luffy’s Gear 5 technique was introduced. As the Egghead arc is inching close to its climax, the stage is set for the ultimate showdown between the Straw Hats and the World Government. Saturn has been creating a stir at Egghead for a while now, trying to fight Luffy and stopping Dr. Vegapunk from making his announcement.

However, in One Piece chapter 1109, he has been pushed to make a desperate move, where we see him call for backup in one of the final panels. We’ve been teased that the Five Elders (Gorosei) are coming to Egghead Island to take on the Straw Hat Pirates.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for One Piece chapter 1108 and 1109, so proceed with caution.

Gorosei Descends to Egghead Island to Fight Straw Hats

The moment we have been waiting for, the moment where we see the axe fall, is one step closer to turning to reality. The Five Elders in One Piece are some of the most powerful antagonists in the series, and we knew one day they’d have to descend to the ground as the epic final war ensues.

Eiichiro Oda sensei must have been seeing all those memes about Megumi (from Jujutsu Kaisen). Because one of the elders, St. Saturn, is in such a dire situation that he must call for help. And yes, to our surprise, we get a first look at the arrival of the remaining four elders in chapter 1109, as magic circles with black fumes appear on the battleground around Saturn in Egghead Island.

At the end of the chapter, Sanji also remarks on how that summoning circle resembles the one through which Saturn arrived. Additionally, it is also clearly mentioned that the “planets” are finally aligning, which basically refers to the Gorosei as they are known as the Five Elders Stars or Planets. They are also named after the planets, which makes perfect sense.

What Are the Ominous Plans of the Five Elders?

One Piece Chapter 1109: The Five Elders All Arrive on Egghead Island
Image Courtesy: One Piece by Toei Animation (Fandom)

As evident by Chapter 1108’s end, the Gorosei are here to put an end to the final transmission from Dr. Vegapunk, which will reveal the real truth of the One Piece world to its people.

As the setup requires around 10 minutes, Luffy is now tasked with holding these monsters until the truth can be finally broadcast around the world (through the Transponder Snails). The elders were seen wondering where the transmission was coming from in this chapter.

So, I believe that all the Five Elders will first prioritize putting an end to Vegapunk’s announcement instead of their goal to capture Luffy. One Piece has kept every fan on their toes, of recent, and will continue to do so in the upcoming chapters.

I’m hugely excited and scared at the same time to witness how the denouement of the Egghead arc will unfold. Let’s hope for the best outcome for the Straw Hats that face the Gorosei in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, share your thoughts about this chapter in the comments below.

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