Ola Will Now Show Drop Location, Mode of Payment to Drivers to Reduce Cancelation

Ola Will Now Show the Drop Location, Mode of Payment to Drivers to Reduce Cancelation

If you are a regular user of Ola’s cab service in India, I’m sure you have faced cab cancelation from drivers because of your payment method or your destination at some point. Currently, Ola’s driver-partners cannot see the drop location of passengers or their mode of payment in the app, and this leads many of them to cancel rides for passengers. Citing this industry-wide issue, Ola has now taken a necessary step to solve the problem for passengers as well as its driver-partners.

Drop Location & Mode of Payment Visibility for Ola Drivers

Ola’s co-founder and CEO Bhavish Aggarwal recently took to Twitter to answer, well, the “2nd most popular question” of why Ola drivers abruptly cancel rides for passengers. In the tweet, Aggarwal included a video, announcing a new feature for Ola’s driver-partners on the Ola Driver app. The new feature will enable drivers to view the approximate drop location of passengers and the mode of payment before accepting a ride. You can check out the tweet right below.

With this feature, drivers will get an idea of the drop location of passengers when they get a booking. This is to help them plan their ride accordingly before they accept the booking. Furthermore, as many drivers prefer cash payments over digital payments and vice-versa, the Ola Driver app will now show the mode of payment chosen by passengers to drivers before they accept a booking.

The drop location visibility and the payment mode visibility features are currently rolling out to drivers across the country. Aggarwal says that enabling these features for drivers is the “key to reducing cancelations.”

So, what do you think about the enhanced visibility of drop locations and mode of payment for Ola drivers? Do you think other companies like Uber should also implement this to reduce cancelation from drivers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Pritam says:

    Now they call and ask drop location and amount it is showing, after knowing they just cancel because OLA doesn’t levy charges on them now.

  • Krishan Pal says:

    Good step for drivers and riders as well because it will clear all the things before driver’s pickup.after that no any driver can cancel the ride with any excuse.

    Best wishes for the decision.

  • Deepak says:

    Yes this should be followed by all of them. Good step 👌👌

  • Y S Rawat says:

    I faced the cancellation problem with Ola, Driver not interested to go the destination where I have to go, and he cleverly said me cancel the ride, And Ola charged Rs. 50/= which I have not paid to Ola. But this was not my fault.

  • Hiren Nariyelwala says:

    This move will leave the rider on mercy & discretion of driver. As drivers will have their preference for drop location, this issue will get move worst during night time & mid-night. Not at all good decision by Ola. Ola should definitely take back this decision. Rider will get fed up & choose local auto/taxi, which will eventually reduce the use of Ola

  • Sanjeev says:

    A good step by Ola. Request other operators like Uber to follow suit to save time to the riders.

  • Sanjeev says:

    A good step. Expect other operators like Uber to follow suit.


    I booked a Ola. Driver phoned me that he had arrived. I could see no one as I was waiting outside. I contacted him. He was waiting for me one km away. I cancelled the trip for this inefficiency. Next, after completing the trip,I paid him.Driver went away. Ola is sending sms to clear the dues. How a driver will go without my making payment.Again inefficiency of OLA. Third ,ola wasted my time. Ola cold not send a vehicle. We are checking whether driver was wearing a mask.We are checking whether vehicle is sanitized. These are the excuses Ola gives . For one hour Ola vehicle did not come. And mobile phone charge came to low level. Could not do any work during travel time. I reached meeting late. Now I am engaging ordinary auto. It is quick Little extra payment, no problem. I am on time.great.Like my friends ,I have removed the app.

  • shivam gupta says:

    That’s gonna make more trouble for the users as the time for getting a cab will definitely increase. In cities like pune and mumbai getting a uber or ola in first place was a hassle and now it will definitely increase.

  • Abhilash C says:

    This will not reduce cancellation. However, it’s still a good step, as it will save time. Currently, drivers call and check and if they don’t like either drop location or payment mode, they cancel. With this change, they will cancel faster, or not accept, saving time for everyone.

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