NYT Connections Hints and Answers for November 11, 2023

I never thought knowing a cinematographer or two would ever help me out in solving a word association game. However, if you don’t have the same connections (pun intended), then this guide is for you. Keep reading as we discuss all the clues for the hidden categories in NYT Connections for November 11, and finally, check out the answers. So, without any more delay, let’s begin.

Hint for Today’s Connections Themes

If you want to learn about what today’s categories are based on but only through subtle hints, check out these clues first.

  • Yellow Category – Sometimes, things are in short supply
  • Green Category – Who doesn’t like to enjoy right?
  • Blue Category – Got any experience in filmmaking?
  • Purple Category – You guys need more privacy

Additional Hint: Boom doesn’t mean an explosion in this context (Happy Diwali btw!)

We wish we could go into more detail, but these hints are the best we can share in this section. They are all closely related to the categories in question today, so think long and hard before you scroll below. However, these are easy, so we do not think you need an additional hint today. Still stuck? Maybe you should try some simple tricks to solve NYT Connections to give these answers another try.

Spoiler Warning #1: While this section included hints for the categories, the next section names them directly. It will spoil the four categories for today’s Connections puzzleStill want to proceed? Be our guest.

Today’s Connections Category Names

If you are starting to give up and need more help, here are the themes for today’s categories for NYT Connections.

  • Green – FUN TIME
  • Purple – GET A ___!

We hope things are a bit clearer now. However, If you’re still unsure, then it’s time to scroll down.

Spoiler Warning #2: The next section includes the answer for today’s puzzle; you will see all the answers in their exact categories. This is your final warning.

Connections Answer for November 11

Have you finally given up and are ready for the answer? The answers to today’s Connections puzzle are:

  • SPARSE/LACKING – Light, Short, Spare, Thin
  • FUN TIME – Ball, Blast, Kick, Riot
  • GET A ___! Clue, Grip, Life, Room
Connections answer november 11

I actually had quite a strong start today. Even though the Blue category is supposed to be difficult, I instantly recognized it since I am around a studio so much. After all, Dolly was a dead giveaway for me. I then moved on to my experience with Hollywood movies, where everyone loves to “have a ball.”

Once I connected those dots, I only had the yellow and purple categories left. The yellow category stood out to me once I had guessed the initial two categories. While I haven’t been told to get a life a lot, I sure am clueless often. However, I sadly lost out to the purple category, for which the puzzle gave me the answer automatically. And just like that, I had my answers for NYT Connections for November 11.

What about you? How was your experience with today’s puzzle? Where did you get stuck if you did? Do let us know in the comments below.

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