Notion, the Notes and Documents Platform, is Now Entirely Free for Personal Use

Notion feat.

Notion is a minimal yet powerful note-taking and to-dos creation platform for workplace, similar to Microsoft OneNote and G Suite. It comes with an array of nifty features and tools integrated. The startup behind the platform, with the same name, recently made the platform entirely free for personal users.

Previously, a user with a free Notion account could use the tools and features Notion provides to write and organize documents and stuff. However, there was a limit in creating additional pages or, what the company likes to call, “Blocks” on the platform and the app. The company also had storage limitations with the free personal plan. The user could unlock these features with a payment of $5 a month.

Now, the developers have made the platform completely free to use for personal users, canceling the $5/month plan. The announcement came via a tweet (below) in which the company stated that “everyone should have access to our tools to create what they need”.

However, users who were already members of the previous “Personal Plan” have been upgraded to a new “Personal Pro Plan”, according to their FAQ page. This new plan requires to pay the same $5 a month fee. Now, the additional features the users get with this plan are to add unlimited collaborators and also offers unlimited individual uploads.

Now, this offer is not at all temporary, as Notion has confirmed that it is not. When one user with the same query replied to the above tweet, the company replied, “Not temporary! This is for always.”.

So, if you want to check out the platform and download the apps for all the platforms, you can go to their official website and create your free account to get started.

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