You Do Not Need a License to Drive This Electric Car

Ami feat.

With the rising pollution in the environment, many countries are encouraging citizens to replace their gasoline-powered vehicle with an EV. However, an EV can cost a lot compared to traditional gas-powered cars. Well, French automakers, Citroën just launched the “Ami” which might be the smallest and the cheapest EV ever manufactured.

The tiny EV is a two-seater car, actually, it is more like a fancy roofed scooter that is made for city transportation. The vehicle is so small that it does not require a driving license, given you are at least 14 years old in France and 16 in other European countries.

The car/scooter has 5.5 kWh lithium-ion battery packed inside that can charge up via any standard 220v power outlet. It takes more or less three hours to fully charge up and has a range of 70 Km (~44 miles). It can reach up to a speed of 45 Kmph (~28 Mph).

The EV’s tiny build makes it a perfect city-dweller as it can easily pass through narrow gaps and busy city streets. The roof of the vehicle is transparent and has a panoramic view of the sky. The side windows of “Ami” open up by manually tilting them sideways.

Now, coming to the price of the vehicle, consumers can get the Citroën Ami for a one-time payment of €6,000 (~$6590). However, the company is offering consumers to take the EV with an initial payment of €2,644 (~$2900) and then paying €19.99 (~$22) a month for a term of two years. If the consumers want to experience driving the car without owning one, they will also have the option to rent “Ami” through a European car-sharing service, Free2Move for only €0.26 (29 cents) per min.

The company will be taking orders for the EV starting from 30th March 2020 only in France. It will then extend to other European countries like Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Germany in the coming months.

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