These New Android Features Will Help You Avoid Getting Scammed

In Short
  • Android has introduced a slew of features recently on the scam protection front.
  • Features like AI scam detection and OTP and Login auto-hide prevent scammers from pulling tricks on you.
  • Similarly, features such as scanning for deceptive apps and scanning for phishing links prevent bad actors.

If there’s one area in Android where Google has introduced drastic additions and changes over the past few Android version updates, it has to be in the security department. While no operating system can be 100% “secure”, Android’s recent feature additions make it hard, especially for scammers, to get away with their business. Here are the five amazing scam protection features on Android you need to know about.

1. OTP Auto-Hide and Login Protection

Android’s built-in screen recording feature is getting significantly better thanks to OTP and login protection features. The features are a part of Android 15 beta and may soon be available in the stable build. When enabled, Android will hide notifications containing OTPs or screens where you need to enter login credentials and credit card numbers during screen recording.

android scam protection - Hidden OTPs

The feature is not only handy, but also saves you from the hassle of editing out your login credentials or card numbers if you often record your phone’s display and post the content online, preventing scammers from accessing your info.

2. Record a Single App

Start recording in single app - android scam protection

Android’s screen recorder now defaults to record a single app option, while the option to record the entire screen rests in the dropdown. The feature was first available in a recent Android 14 QPR release and is easily one of the best available to prevent scams.

3. AI Caller Scam Detection

One of THE exciting features announced during this year’s Google I/O is AI Scam detection using Gemini Nano. In the demo that Google showcased, as the conversation progressed and the caller started talking suspiciously, the AI scam detection kicked in and alerted by buzzing that it could potentially be a scam.

AI Scam detection when calling

In a podcast with the crew of Android Faithful, Dave Bruke (VP of Engineering, Android) said that the feature will be opt-in and will work with unknown callers. The feature is coming soon later this year.

Google added a feature called Android Safe Browsing, which alerts users about harmful links and webpages in supported apps. For example, if a user clicks on a link that takes them to a phishing site, Android will warn you about the same. You can find this feature in Security & privacy > More Security & privacy > Android Safe Browsing.

Android Safe Browsing

We expect this feature to arrive on Google Chrome specifically, since it’s one of the most widely-used Android browsers. Similarly, content websites such as Twitter (Now X), YouTube, and Instagram where a lot of times users come across suspicious links should also be supported as the feature rolls out to more devices.

5. Scanning for Deceptive apps

I know many people who have fallen victim to SMS forwarding scams in the subcontinent, and there’s nothing more crushing to the soul than seeing your hard-earned money disappear in an instant. Android is an open-source OS, meaning anyone can install a third-party app from a website or a different app store. While it’s great for the openness of the OS, many take advantage of this to install phishing apps that can steal users’ credentials.

Scanning for deceptive apps

The Scanning for deceptive apps feature is rolling out on all Android 10+ devices, and it scans apps for phishing and deceptive behavior. When a phishing app is detected, the info is sent to Google Play Protect and users are warned. This should hopefully save a lot of people from falling prey to scammers, installing the apps they suggest, and then losing all the money.

Bonus Feature: Private Space

Private Space has many uses outside of hiding and locking your personal apps, and one of them is to add payment and banking apps in the Private Space profile. If you’re unaware, Private Space essentially installs apps in a different user profile and when the feature is locked and not in use, the apps are paused. You can read more about this in our enable and use private space guide.

Private Space Android 15

Similarly, apps in Private Space don’t send you notifications and are absent from Settings. Hence, it will protect your banking apps from other phishing apps. This way, you can protect these apps from unauthorized access if someone steals your phone and tries to transfer money.

What are your thoughts on all the recent Android features added to improve scam protection? Let us know in the comments below.

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