Three New Natlan Characters Teased in Genshin Impact 4.8 Livestream

Image Courtesy: Genshin Impact YouTube
In Short
  • Genshin Impact released the second Natlan teaser at the end of Genshin Impact 4.8 Livestream.
  • The second teaser gave us a brief look of three new Natlan characters, a little grey haired girl, a silver haired girl with red eyes, and a black haired boy with green eyes.
  • The teaser also showed a new Natlan city, more Natlan monster with mount like features, and new Natlan humanoid enemies.

Genshin Impact 4.8 Livestream just concluded and as expected we got a second Natlan teaser at the end of it. The second Natlan Teaser revealed three new characters and a few new enemy types in Natlan. Other than that, we again got a close look at Natlan’s new “mount-style” travel mechanic, with characters riding specific monsters to travel the broken lands of Natlan. If you missed out on Natlan’s second teaser, here are the details revealed in it.

Three New Natlan Characters

The biggest highlight of the Natlan teaser is the three new characters. The first character revealed is a little girl with light gray hair in ponytails and blue eyes. She is first shown riding a drill-shaped monster. From old Natlan leaks, this character looks the closest to Iasen’s description.

The next character revealed in the teaser has red eyes and a white or silver-haired girl styled in twin tails. She’s wearing thigh-high boots, shorts, and a sleeveless top with a high collar light in a blue, white, and gold color combination. She appears to be fishing and is later shown to be riding a Shark-like monster over water. This character is likely the recently leaked Hydro character of Natlan.

The third and final character showcased in the Natlan teaser is a striking green-eyed, dark-haired boy with a teal-colored headband, wearing a black inner shirt, and what appears to be a teal-colored protective body suit with the sleeves hanging behind. This character was also shown wielding a Claymore and traveling using the new grappling mechanic of Natlan revealed in the first trailer.

New Enemy Types, Saurians (Mounts ?) & More Areas in Natlan

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Other than the three new characters, we also got a look at some enemy types in Natlan, with the three characters facing off against them at the end, a few more Saurians as mounts (?), and more of Natlan’s terrain.

First, we got to see a new city located at the center of multiple cliffs with multiple blue banners, and a central massive flame, which appears to be fueling the city of sorts with something like a hot air balloon at the top.

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

We also got a look at multiple new Natlan saurians, with some acting as mounts. First, they revealed a weasel-looking saurian with brown and red fur. Whether this is an enemy type or just one of the living animals of Natlan is something I am unsure of yet.

The two mountable saurians, which are either that or character skills specific to the Natlan characters, looked like a drill machine and a shark. The frill machine was shown as capable of causing explosions, traveling on the ground, and climbing cliffs, while the Shark was shown as a surfboard that could travel over land and water.

Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Finally, the teaser revealed three new humanoid enemies of Natlan, with one being a big brute wielding a chainsaw tied to a long pole, and the other two normal-sized humans wielding clubs. All three enemies in Natlan teaser wore some kind of spiked helmet.

So, that’s it. This is everything we noticed in the second Natlan teaser. Tell us what you think about the Natlan teaser and don’t shy away from mentioning anything we might have missed out in the comments.

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