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This Clip-on Mount Can Turn Your Tablet into a Secondary Display For Your Laptop

Mountie Plus feat

We all know that a second screen for a desktop or a laptop can hugely ramp up productivity for creators and professionals. This is the reason we are seeing laptop manufacturers adding a second display to their products. Also, getting a secondary display for your laptop can cost you a significant amount of money. So why not turn your handy dandy tablet into a secondary display for your laptop with this affordable clip-on mount?

The Mountie Plus from TNW deals is an affordable clip-on mount that can turn the best pal of your laptop, i.e., your tablet, into a second display for better productivity. It basically clips your tablet aside your laptop display for a second screen experience without an external monitor.

Mountie Plus 1

Now, the clip-on mount uses special firm rubber grips to securely hold any tablet between 5-9mm of thickness. One of Mountie Plus’ ends clips on to the edge of your laptop display and the other end clips on to the tablet to connect the two physically.

Now, it is important to note that there is no software connection between the two machines. That’s why both the machines will run individually. You can keep it that way and use the tablet as a reference device for your work. Or you can use the tablet as an extended monitor with the help of some screen mirroring techniques.

As there will be a continuous need for power, the Mountie Plus comes with a cut-out at the back through which you can pass the charging cable of your tablet to keep the device juiced up. The cable will be hidden behind your laptop display to keep your desk clean and mess-free.

Mountie Plus 2

Unfortunately, the Mountie Plus only ships to the US States. So, if you are someone living in the US who uses a laptop primarily but also has a tablet lying around in the house, you can get the Mountie Plus for only $32 (~Rs 2,435) to turn your tablet into a secondary display.

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