Moborobo – The Smartphone Management Tool

Moborobo is an all-in-one solution that provides a solution to all your needs of management of your Smartphone including both iOS and Android based devices from your PC desktop. The Moborobo Android app is one of the leading Smartphone management tools available for Android devices, which can be used to manage your Android phone form a Windows based PC. There are many different apps available over the internet that provide features like creating a backup of contacts, files and messages from your device on your PC. Along with this, there are other apps that help you access and manage different apps and games in your Smartphone, which are easy to install and simple to use. But there are very rare apps like the Moborobo, which offer all the above mentioned features in a single tool.


Moborobo is covered under the category of third party apps, which offers a number of features to successfully synchronize your Android Smartphone with your PC. It offers a complete integration of the application control features including installation, update and uninstall functionalities. Other features provided include web gallery access for downloading of content like wallpapers, apps & themes and data management features like management of messages and calls. Along with the management of messages on the phone, you can also send messages from your PC via the network of the SIM inserted in your phone. Capturing screenshots and live streaming are other features offered by this tool for its users.

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The User Interface

Moborobo is combined with a pleasant and remarkable UI offering a great functionality to the user. With a simple to control user interface, the software is made easy to use. The main window displayed on the PC can be customized to any size as desired by the user. The Mobo Portal is provided for both iPhone and Android devices connected to the system, for quickly testing and transferring files across the connection. This is also used for easily sending messages through the PC used for the connection.


The Home screen provides a polished look with a complete description of the device connected to the PC. Along with this, it also offers different icons and links to access various features offered by this software that are listed below.


Different features offered by this management software are listed as below.

  • This software offers a great solution to all the needs for the management of the content of your Smartphone through a PC, to which the phone is connected. The content that can be managed using this tool includes messages and calls logs, images, contacts, applications & games, ringtones and other files.
  • With a support for both Android and iOS operating systems, it provides a synchronization between your iPhone and Android device to help you transfer all your contacts easily.
  • A fully functional file explorer is also included along with the tool, which allows you to explore every root of your device and access all the data contained in it.
  • You can create a backup, on your PC, of the data present in your Smartphone and restore the same with the use of its rigid backup and restore functionality.
  • Along with the synchronization of the data and logs on your device with your PC, you can also communicate with your contacts through messages. Moborobo offers message sending and receiving functionalities using the network of the connected device.
  • To establish a connection between the PC and the Smartphone, you can use either of the USB or Wi-Fi connectivity features.



Thus, Moborobo offers a complete management suite for easy management of your Android device from your PC.

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