More you use your smartphone or PC Tablet, more they are prone to virus attacks but that doesn’t mean you should stop using them, after all you have spent hell lot of money to buy them, you should use them but with little care.
You should have an antivirus installed to protect your device against virus or malware attacks and Bitdefender is the first option you should consider while choosing an antivirus.

Millions of computer users across the globe are using the award-winning antivirus software to keep their PCs, data, and identities safe from attack.

For Mobile devices with Android operating system, Bitdefender offers an antivirus app for Android which is called Bitdefender Mobile Security. It includes Malware Scanner, Application Audit, Remote Geolocation, Malware Scanner, Application Audit, Web Security, Anti‐Theft etc.

mobile devices security

Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android offers free 14 days trial though some services remains free even after trial period but to access premium services up-gradation of $9.95/year is mandatory.

Free services includes, Malware Scanner, Application Audit and Remote Geolocation.

Premium services includes, Malware Scanner, Application Audit, Web Security and Anti‐Theft.

If you accidentally misplace your phone or someone has stolen it from you, Bitdefender comes up with an anti-theft security for mobile devices  which includes:

Remote Geolocation
Remote Lock Device
Remote Wipe Device
Message Device & Sound Alarm

This ensures that even if you lost your mobile device, there are bright chances of getting it back.

A service costing less than $10/year, which protects your mobile device from virus or malware attacks and also serve as Anti-Theft service is worth using.

Better safe than sorry!