Minecraft Legends Mounts: Their Location and Abilities

As mentioned in our Minecraft Legends review, the game features a vast open world that is procedurally generated like the primary game. However, some mobs and items in the world are always found in the same place, such as mounts. Most open-world games have them, and Minecraft Legends is no stranger to this. Finding and switching to a new mount in Minecraft Legends requires exploration on the player’s part. But worry not, as you don’t need to search through the overworld to track down different mounts. So, we have detailed where to find every mount in Minecraft, along with their abilities.

In Minecraft Legends, there are a total of four mounts for players to pick and choose from. Each of these mounts is found in different biomes, and each of them comes with a unique ability. Depending on your use case, you can pick the mount you want to use in Minecraft Legends. Here are all the mounts in Minecraft Legends:

1. Horse

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  • Location/ Biome: Players start with them
  • Ability: Unlimited Sprint

Horses are the default mounts that players start with. From the get-go, you use the horse to travel around the overworld. After all, the map is large, and traversal on foot is anything but comfortable.

For its unique ability, the horse mount in Minecraft Legends can sprint for a long period without getting tired. That is pretty much it. This is the default for people who don’t want to go through the hassle of exploring to find a new mount in Minecraft Legends.

2. Regal Tiger

  • Location/ Biome: Savanna
  • Ability: Faster sprint speed

Tigers are majestic creatures in this world. One of the biggest cats from the feline family, they are ferocious and fast. The developers agree that they are majestic by adding them as a mount in Minecraft Legends.

The Regal Tiger is found in the Savanna biome, which is a dry and grassy region of the map. Regal Tiger brings its real-world speed to Minecraft Legends, becoming the fastest mount in the game. Furthermore, they look cute and are a must-try for players that prefer faster travel speeds around the map.

3. Brilliant Beetle

  • Location/ Biome: Jungle
  • Ability: Climb walls and hills

Beetles freak me out in real life, but these enthralling bugs join Minecraft Legends as a mount for players. And even I have to agree, they look pretty and mesmerizing in-game. The Brilliant Beetle is a large, blue beetle that players can find in the jungle biome.

You can then switch mounts in Minecraft Legends and ride around the overworld on the Beetle. As for their abilities, Brilliant Beetle can crawl up high hills, walls, and gates without any issue. That means you can enter Piglin bases without having to break the walls or gates, simply by climbing over them.

4. Big Beak

  • Location/ Biome: Jagged Peaks
  • Ability: No fall damage, glide long distances

The final mount that you can discover in Minecraft Legends is the Big Beak. This mount looks similar to toucans and is found in the Jagged Peaks biome. Big Beak brings with it the ability to not take any fall damage. No one likes taking damage after jumping off a cliff or high ground in a Piglin base. Thanks to this mount, that will be an afterthought.

Additionally, when a player riding Big Beak jumps off a higher location, they can glide some distances across the map in Minecraft Legends. The higher the point of the jump, the longer the distance you can glide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make mounts follow me in Minecraft Legends?

You can only ride around a mount that you tamed and swapped. The mount you left behind will stay at the place where you switched it with the new mount, but you can make it follow you with the Banner of Courage.

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