Minecraft Legends is Officially Dead

Minecraft Legends was discontinued in January 2024
In Short
  • Minecraft Legends has officially been discontinued on January 10, 2024, as confirmed in an official blog post.
  • This game was a spin-off strategy Minecraft game that was released in April 2023 with over 3 million copies sold in a couple of weeks.
  • Despite receiving several updates, it kept losing active players to the point where over 90% of players left really quickly.

Yes, you read the title right. It was announced today that Minecraft’s spin-off strategy game Minecraft Legends has been discontinued. Let’s go over the story of this game one last time, as well as the sad news.

Minecraft Legends Has Been Discontinued

Minecraft Legends (review) was a spin-off game that released on April 18, 2023. It was portrayed as a super fun, beautiful, and unique strategy and building game whose appearance mimics that of the blocky game we all know and love. The story involves a main character, you, who’s been recruited to protect creatures of the Overworld from the evil piglin forces from the Nether.

The community was very interested in Minecraft Legends in the beginning and the game sold over 3 million copies during the first couple of weeks. Though unfortunately, that’s pretty much where the story of Minecraft Legends ends. The game had plenty of flaws that slowly repelled over 90% of active players. From shallow gameplay and terrible multiplayer mode to an over-estimated price, it had several persisting issues.

Despite Minecraft Legends receiving several “Lost Legends” or updates over the last 8 months, the last one announced in this official blog post on January 10, 2024, is “Snow vs Snouts”. Apart from some content additions, it was mentioned that the game will no longer receive any further updates, which officially confirms it’s discontinued:

“With that complete, we’re now going to take a step back from development,” as per the blog post.

This is a rather quiet way to announce that Minecraft Legends has been discontinued, but due to all the negative reviews, arguments, and complaints, Mojang had no other choice. The developers have tried a new approach to gameplay, which resulted in them not fulfilling the players’ expectations.

Even though it’s disappointing news, we can say for sure that Minecraft Legends was meant to be discontinued sooner rather than later. We truly hope that one day there will be a Minecraft spin-off game that will last as long as the original Minecraft.

Though, at this rate, we may not be that lucky. What are your thoughts on Minecraft Legends being discounted? Share them with us in the comments below.

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