Top 5 Uses of Carved Pumpkins in Minecraft

In Short
  • One of the uses of a Minecraft carved pumpkin is wearing it as a helmet for protection against Endermen.
  • A Carved pumpkin and a torch can be used to make a jack o'lantern, along with its use as a decorative block.
  • With a carved pumpkin and blocks of iron and snow, you can spawn iron and snow golems in Minecraft.

Carved pumpkin may only seem like a decorative item, however, it is also a crafting ingredient and can even be used as a helmet. Thanks to its numerous uses, it is very easy to make yourself a carved pumpkin in Minecraft. Once you have made one for yourself, go through our guide to learn the uses of carved pumpkin in Minecraft. So, buckle up and let’s begin.

1. Wear as a Helmet

Yeah, you can put a carved pumpkin in your helmet slot and therefore equip and wear it. It doesn’t provide you with any armor points and also creates a rather annoying pumpkin blur vision on your screen when you’re in the first person view.

Enchanted and unenchanted carved pumpkin on two armor stands in Minecraft

So, you must be thinking — “Why would we even wear it then?” Well, there is one advantage this block gives you, and that’s ultimate protection from endermen. If you’re not aware, endermen are three-block tall Minecraft mobs, that pack a hefty punch when agroed.

And you can do that by simply looking straight in their face. They also don’t care whether it was on accident, as they’ll start attacking right away. With a carved pumpkin equipped, you can look at an enderman no problem, since they technically cannot see your face. But don’t punch them, because the carved pumpkin will be of no use at that point.

One of the most interesting uses of a carved pumpkin is that you can put two enchantments on it in a Minecraft anvil. Those are – curse of vanishing and curse of binding. Thanks to the latter and use of dispensers, you can pull a very old but classic prank on your server mates, by gluing a carved pumpkin to their head, which they can get rid of only if they die.

2. Craft a Jack o’Lantern

Carved pumpkin is a part of a single crafting recipe, and it’s the recipe for a jack o’lantern. That’s a full light source block that can be easily obtained in bulk, thanks to the cheap resources and simple crafting recipe. For crafting this block, you’ll need one carved pumpkin and one torch.

To open the crafting grid, right-click on a crafting table or open your inventory with the E key. Place a carved pumpkin above a torch in the crafting slots, and the jack o’lantern will appear.

Crafting recipe of a jack o'lantern, which is one of the uses of a carved pumpkin in Minecraft

3. Creating Golems

There are two golems in Minecraft — iron golem and snow golem. Iron golems spawn naturally as Minecraft village protectors and are the sole reason iron farm exists and functions. Snow golems, on the other hand, don’t spawn naturally at all.

But, did you know that one of the uses of a carved pumpkin is to summon these two mobs yourself in Minecraft? Here’s how.

Creating a T shape of iron blocks and placing a carved pumpkin on top in the center will delete the blocks and spawn an iron golem.

Iron golem and its summoning configuration using a carved pumpkin in Minecraft

Placing two snow blocks vertically and putting a carved pumpkin on top will also delete the blocks and spawn a snow golem, which will leave a snow layer trail behind it wherever it walks.

Furthermore, snow golems have specific requirements for survival. They will start to take damage and die quickly if exposed to rain and also if they are in a warm biome, like a desert, badlands or savanna. So, be careful where you spawn this mob.

Snow golem and its build configuration

Also, make sure there are no blocks directly attached to the iron or snow blocks, as it will stop the spawning of the golem. Check out the screenshots above for the actual build configuration.

4. Halloween Decoration

As you could’ve guessed, carved pumpkins, just like any other block, can be used in building and decoration. Due to their unique appearance, their primary building use would be as scary, spooky Halloween decoration.

Unfortunately, there is only one carved pumpkin texture in the vanilla game, so you cannot really have much diversity there. However, decorative Minecraft mods allow you to add more textures to this block, making it so much more fun to use.

5. Better Composting

Right-clicking a composter with a regular or carved pumpkin has about a 65% chance of raising the compost level. So, if you have tons of these blocks, you can recycle them and get a steady bone meal supply back.

There you have it, everyone. Now you know all the uses of a carved pumpkin in Minecraft. As you can see, it’s much more than a Halloween-related decorative block. So, which one of these unique applications is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

Are Endermen scared of carved pumpkins?

No, carved pumpkins won’t stop Endermen, nor repel them.

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