Microsoft Releases Dedicated Copilot App for Android Users!

Microsoft Copilot Android App Interface
In Short
  • Microsoft Copilot, formerly known as Bing Chat, now has a dedicated app on mobile.
  • The app is limited to Android for free at the moment, with no word on when the iOS version will arrive.
  • The Copilot app lets users access GPT-4 for free, along with DALL-E 3 and other cool AI features,

Android users no longer need to depend on the Bing app to access AI Copilot. Instead, a dedicated Microsoft Copilot app has now been listed on the Google Play Store. Earlier this year, the company rolled out its own GPT-based AI chatbot called Bing Chat, which was then rebranded to Copilot, by integrating it into the Bing search engine. The dedicated app makes it quicker for people to access Copilot, just like the standalone ChatGPT app.

The listing was first spotted by X user @techosarusrex, which was then reported by tech publication Neowin. The Google Play Store listing shows December 19, 2023, as the “last updated on” date. This suggests that the app was silently listed on the platform almost a week ago.

When it comes to features, the Copilot app includes features similar to the ChatGPT app. So, if you have used the latter, you will feel right at home. From being able to generate images via DALL-E 3 and draft emails to asking it to write a song and do pretty much anything that comes to mind, the possibilities are limitless with the Copilot app.

However, where the Microsoft Copilot gets leverage over ChatGPT is the fact that it is completely free to use, and you can easily toggle on GPT-4 within the app. Meanwhile, to make use of the official GPT 4 chatbot, you will have to pay for ChatGPT Plus. For ChatGPT, free users get to use GPT 3.5, but they do miss out on a lot of these features that the Copilot gives away for free.

Moreover, the fact that Microsoft has rolled out a dedicated app goes to show that they are focused on upping the user experience game, now more than ever before. A dedicated mobile app certainly makes things a lot easier.

As of now, the app is not available to iPhone users. However, you can download the Bing app (Free) on iOS and enjoy the integrated Copilot experience. Moreover, Copilot also has a dedicated website alongside its existence within Microsoft Edge as well. Not to mention, you can easily enable Copilot on Windows 11 as well.

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