Meta Introduces 3D Avatars on Instagram and Facebook in India

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Back in 2020, Meta (formerly called Facebook) introduced Bitmoji-like Avatars, which could use as stickers, profile pictures, and more on both Facebook and the Messenger app. These 3D Avatars recently got updated to include more elements to represent more communities and this update has now reached users across Facebook, Messenger, and even Instagram in India.

3D Avatars Now on Instagram Too!

You can now use the new 3D Avatars on Facebook, Messenger, and even Instagram as stickers, feed posts, and even profile pictures for Facebook. For the first time, Instagram Stories and DMs can also be used to send these Avatars to others.

You will also be able to send these Avatars as a GIF or a video Reel. Plus, these can be used as ways of commenting on someone’s posts apart from GIFs, stickers, emojis, and texts, of course!

The new changes include new hair colors, skin colors, accessories, more face shapes, expressions, more dressing options, body types, and more. You can also choose to add heading aids (single ear or both the ears), a wheelchair, Cochlear implants, and more to represent people with disabilities.

To recall, the updated 3D Avatars were recently introduced for these three Meta-owned platforms earlier this year but were limited to the US, Canada, and Mexico.

How to Create 3D Avatars on Facebook and Instagram?

It’s a pretty simple process. On Facebook,

  • Tap the menu option and scroll down a bit to see the “See More” option.
how to create avatars on Facebook
  • Select the Avatars option, following which you will be able to create one by choosing the options that describe you best.

On Instagram,

  • Under the Profile section, Go for the Settings option and select the Account option.
how to create avatars on instagram
  • Now, select the Avatars option and follow the on-screen instructions to create one.

You will also be provided with custom templates based on which you can create your own. Or, just do it from scratch. Do let us know if you end up creating yours in the comments below.

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