Marvel’s Echo: Post Credit Scene Explained

Bringing back Daredevil’s universe to life, Marvel’s Echo is now streaming on Disney+. This series revolves around Maya Lopez, who was taken under Kingpin’s wing after the death of her father. She turns into a fierce combatant with a unique set of skills working for Kingpin, but when she finds out that he was the one who got her father killed, she shoots him in the eye and escapes Kingpin’s world. All five episodes of the series are out already, and there is a post-credit scene in the Echo finale that could reveal a lot about Marvel’s future plans. Let’s see what does Echo’s post-credit scene means.

Spoiler Warning This article includes spoilers for the Daredevil comics involving Echo, as well as the Marvel’s Echo TV series streaming on Disney Plus.

Kingpin and Echo
Source: IMDb

So, the post-credit scene of Echo shows Kingpin in a jet most probably going back to New York after Maya refused to go back with him. He asks his assistant to contact “All the remaining heads” so he can stabilize “the situation”. Here, he is most probably talking about his business. He then turns his attention towards the news running on the TV where the upcoming Mayor race is being discussed.

The anchors then say that as of now, there is no frontrunner in the campaign who can be seen as the future Mayor of New York City. The anchor on the TV says, ” The people of New York want a fighter as their mayor” who can deal with all the criminals and other problems going on in the city.

They also say that NYC needs a “bare-knuckle brawler” as a potential Mayor. By the end of the Echo post-credit scene, one of the reporters asks the other — “Is that candidate even out there?” to which Kingpin leans forward with interest clearly showing that he is very much thinking about joining this campaign.

This scene clearly shows us that Kingpin might run for this campaign in the future and might even become the Mayor of NYC as he did in Daredevil Vol. 6 Released in 2019. Now, we don’t know when Echo Season 2 might be coming out but that one could revolve around this very concept. This season of Echo could also work as a prequel to Daredevil: Born Again if Marvel decides to stick to the comic storyline.

In the comic run of Daredevil Born Again, Luke Cage replaces Wilson Fisk as the Mayor of New York City. If they show this in the series, portraying Fisk becoming the Mayor can turn out to be a lengthy task. So, as far as my speculation goes, the post-credit scene of Echo is a snippet that prepares us to witness Fisk as the Mayor of NYC in Daredevil: Born Again.

Meanwhile, the second season of Echo could show us the backdrop of events to him reaching that spot. If you think this makes sense, let me know in the comments. For now, let us wait and watch what Marvel does with this post-credit scene in their future projects.

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