Marvel Rivals Reveals Loki Before Closed Alpha

Loki Reveal Marvel Rivals
Image Courtesy: Marvel Rivals
In Short
  • Before the closed alpha tests on May 2024, Marvel Rivals revealed its first hero showcase for Loki.
  • As per the trailer, Loki has the power of invisibility, illusion, and shapeshifting in the game.
  • He also follows the comic lore, where he tries to conquer anything and everything.

Loki, the cunning trickster and God of Mischief hailing from Asgard is the first hero to be revealed in Marvel Rivals. Loki can trick people with magic and turn himself into anyone. According to the hero description, Loki is a strategist who is really good at sneaky plans. But being king of Asgard isn’t enough for him. He wants to rule everything, everywhere! Will he be able to rule in the War of Marvel Rivals? To answer that, Marvel Rivals has shared a trailer for the hero in a new hero showcase.

In this trailer, we can see a brief gameplay of the hero, introducing us to the first glimpse of how Marvel Rivals will be. We see Loki using his well-known invisibility several times to avoid enemy assault. The long-range attack looks similar to Overwatch 2 combat. Loki also has an illusion ability in the game that we have already seen in the Marvel comics and movies.

However, that’s not it, as we also see Loki becoming another hero and using their abilities. Being the master of disguise, Loki seems to have an ultimate that will allow him to shapeshift into different heroes. This is a great first showcase for a hero in Marvel Rivals.

Loki display Marvel Rivals
Image Courtesy: Marvel Rivals

Do remember that Marvel Rivals Alpha tests begin this May 2024. This is the first showcase for any hero in the game. Furthermore, we already know the possible characters coming in Marvel Rivals. If you are on PC, you can wishlist the game in Steam and Epic Games Store. We have yet to hear about console updates by NeatEase Games.

So, with the Loki reveal, I am highly excited about Marvel Rivals. Which hero do you think will be next in the showcase? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

SOURCE Marvel Rivals/ YouTube
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