pockettube subscription manager ft

This Extension Lets You Manage Your YouTube Subscriptions Better

pockettube subscription manager ft

YouTube is undoubtedly one of the major platforms for watching videos across a variety of categories. While the ability to subscribe to our favorite creators has been there for a long time on YouTube, there was never a way to manage or group them and that is where PocketTube comes in the picture.

PocketTube is a subscription manager that allows you to categorize your subscriptions so that you can dive right into your favorite videos based on your mood. It allows you to create collections of channels called “Subscription Groups” to get more control over your viewing experience.

To get started, install the browser extension and create a new group with the name you prefer.

Click on the subscription group you just created and choose the creators you think belongs to that category. In this case, I’ve created a “Tech” subscription group and added a few of my favorite creators.

When you click on the video icon next to the subscription group, you will be presented with the recent videos the creators have recently uploaded, as you can see below.

Alternatively, you also get a handy toggle in the Subscriptions tab to filter the channels in the group. There are three positions for this toggle. You can choose to hide all the videos from a specific subscription group, view the subscription feed normally, or view just the videos from the creators you’ve added to the subscription group.

PocketTube is not limited to the Chrome Web Store. The service is available as a Firefox add-on for all the Firefox users out there. Also, there are dedicated apps on Android and iOS.

Check out PocketTube from the link below and let us know if you found this useful in the comments.

Download PocketTube – Chrome Extension | iOS App | Android App

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