How to Make Iron Ingots in Minecraft

In Short
  • To make iron ingots in Minecraft you'll need nine iron nuggets and a crafting table.
  • Fill every cell of the crafting grid with iron nuggets to make an iron ingot. However, the most common way of obtaining iron ingots is by smelting raw iron.
  • You can also get iron ingots while looting most in-game structures or by killing iron golems and zombies.

Diamonds are iconic Minecraft items that every player gets excited about. However, there are also other precious materials that might seem less important but are actually more useful. Yes, I am talking about Minecraft iron ingots. If you’re someone who has been on the lookout but doesn’t know what to do, this guide is for you. So with that, let’s begin learning how to make iron ingots in Minecraft.

Required Materials to Make Iron Ingots in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can either craft iron ingots or smelt another item into them. Depending on your preference, here are all the required materials to make iron ingots in Minecraft:

How to Craft Iron Ingots in Minecraft

Now that you have gathered these materials, follow the steps below to make iron ingots in Minecraft:

  • Place the crafting table in the world and interact with it.
  • Now, take nine iron nuggets and place each of them in a separate cell of the crafting grid.
  • You’ll see a single iron ingot appears on the right. Click on it and move it into your inventory.
  • Besides using iron nuggets, you can also place one block of iron in any slot of the grid and nine iron ingots will appear on the right.
  • Crafting recipe of iron ingots using iron nuggets
  • Crafting recipe for iron ingots using an iron block

Besides the method above, the Minecraft crafter can also be used to automatically craft iron ingots from the resources above.

How to Smelt Raw Iron in Minecraft

While we can use iron nuggets to make iron ingots in Minecraft, you can also smelt raw iron using the steps below. So with that, let’s begin!

  • Place the furnace down and interact with it.
  • Take the fuel source of your choice and place it in the lower slot on the left.
  • Take one or more raw iron items and place them in the upper slot on the left.
  • After a short period of time, one raw iron will smelt into one iron ingot. This is the most common way of obtaining iron ingots.
Smelting raw iron items into iron ingots in Minecraft

You can also use a blast furnace to smelt raw iron and this process will be twice as quick as it is inside a furnace.

Where to Find Iron Ingots in Minecraft

Apart from smelting and crafting, you can get iron ingots in Minecraft in a couple more ways. Those include:

  • Looting most in-game structures including dungeons, mineshafts, buried treasure, desert temples, shipwrecks, villages, and more.
  • Killing iron golems, zombies, husks, and zombie villagers.

As we mentioned at the beginning, iron ingots are surprisingly far more useful than diamonds. This is because they are a part of so many crafting recipes. However, besides that there are some of the best uses of iron ingots in Minecraft that you can take advantage of.

And that’s how you make iron ingots in Minecraft. If you’d like to automatically get iron ingots without grinding for hours, then you should definitely make an Minecraft iron farm. This is such a simple and easy farm that’s considered one of the most important in the game.

So what are you going to do with your iron ingots in Minecraft? Let us know in the comments below!

What is the fastest way to get iron in Minecraft?

The fastest way to get iron is through exploring caves. You’re very likely to find some exposed iron ores, which all yield one raw iron by default when you mine them with a stone or better pickaxe.

What biome is best for iron?

Iron ore is generated in all biomes pretty evenly. However, you can find lots of exposed iron ores in the stony peaks biomes, which are tall stony mountains and they are quite rare.

How to craft an iron ore in Minecraft?

Unfortunately, you cannot craft iron ores in Minecraft as they are naturally generated blocks you can find inside terrain or completely exposed. If you want to obtain iron ore or any other ore for that matter, break it with a silk-touch enchanted pickaxe.

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