LG Starts to Roll Out Its “Puricare” Face Mask in Select Markets

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Following the change in the world due to the Coronavirus-led pandemic, face masks, as we all know, have become a mandatory part of our daily attire. Since then, we’ve seen different kinds of masks make their way to the market. Even major companies such as Apple and Disney have started making their own masks. Similarly, earlier last month, LG joined the bandwagon with the unveiling of its first battery-powered, air-purifying face mask.

LG’s “Puricare Wearable Air Purifier” is essentially a complete yet tiny air-purifying system for your face. This is a part of LG’s COVID response, much like its “Tone Free” TWS earbuds that come with a self-sanitizing charging case.

Now, the Puricare Wearable Air Purifier comes with an 820mAh battery and two built-in fans. These fans, along with two replaceable H13 HEPA filters, enable the mask to keep 99.97% of particulate matter in the air out of your nose and mouth.

Moreover, every element of the Puricare face mask is replaceable and recyclable. The company even integrated the face mask’s system into its ThinQ app to let users know when to change the H13 filters in their masks.

LG also made a carrying case for the mask which is similar to the self-sanitizing charging case of the aforementioned Tone Free earbuds. This also uses UV-C light to clean itself in just 30 minutes.

“PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier was developed to address the growing demand worldwide for products that can improve personal hygiene at a time when it’s needed most,” said the President of LG Electronics’ Home Appliance and Air Solution division, Dan Song.

Now, as per the company’s promise of rolling out the masks at the end of the year, LG has started to ship some of these in select markets. These include key regions of Asia and the Middle East. There is no info about the availability of the mask in other regions. And the price remains a mystery too.

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