LG’s MoodUP Refrigerator Changes Colors and a Has Built-in Speaker

lg moodup fridge announced

LG, at IFA 2022, has introduced an intriguing concept that is the MoodUP refrigerator. This refrigerator can change colors and play music too. It is LG’s new step for create g new trends in the home appliance domain. Here’s a look at all the details.

LG Showcases Color-Changing Refrigerator!

The LG MoodUP refrigerator comes with color-changing LEDs on the door panels and users can change them via the LG ThinQ app. There are 22 color options for the upper door panel and 19 for the lower panel.

The company provides various color themes to choose too, allowing people to customize the look of the MoodUP. These include Season, Place, Mood, and Pop.

There’s also support for smart notifications. For instance, if the fridge door is left open for a while, the LED panel on the door will blink repeatedly as an indicator to close the door. The MoodUP also has a motion sensor, which will lead to both the panels blinking when an approaching person is detected. The freezer door also glows at night making it easier for people to find stuff in the dark.

LG has included an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker, which can be connected to a phone, a tablet, or a laptop. The songs can either be played via various music streaming apps or the ThinQ app’s Music Collection playlist. Plus, the colors can change in sync with the music for a sound and light show experience.

It also comes with advanced refrigeration and smart technologies to keep the food fresh. The MoodUP refrigerator also comes with an On-Device AI chip and supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and voice recognition.

The LG MoodUP refrigerator is being showcased at the ongoing IFA 2022 event. However, there’s no word on its price and availability details at the time of writing. So, what do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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