LG to Demonstrate 6G Technology in Korea’s Science and Technology Exhibition

LG Announces to Demonstrate 6G Technology in Korea's Science and Technology Exhibition

While 5G technology is still in its development phase, companies and governments are already talking about the 6G technology. LG is one of them, and after demonstrating 6G in Berlin, it has now been announced that it will demonstrate its 6G technology at the ongoing 2021 Korea Science and Technology Exhibition in Korea.

LG to Demo 6G Technology in Korea

The event has kicked off today at the Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Ilsan and will continue till December 24. LG will unveil its research and development progress on the said wireless technology at the event.

It will showcase a power amplifier that can support 6G wireless technology. The power amplifier has been developed by LG in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Research Institute in Germany. This is the same amplifier that was used by the company during its 6G demo in Berlin earlier this year to successfully transmit and receive wireless data over 100m in a straight-line outdoor environment using the 6G terahertz (THz) frequency band.

For those unaware, the terahertz frequency band for wireless data transmission operates between 100GHz and 10THz frequency bands to deliver ultra-high data transfer speeds, with rates of up to 1Tbps. However, such high ultra-wide bands encounter a few issues such as short frequency reach and major power loss in the antenna transmission/ reception process.

These issues are expected to be resolved by the power amplifier developed by LG and the German Institute. This amplifier is required to enable the operation of ultra-wideband wireless communication in such high-frequency bands.

Furthermore, LG in partnership with Keysight Technologis Inc. (a wireless communication equipment manufacturer), also demoed a new Adaptive Beamforming technology. This new technology converts beam directions depending on the channel changes and receiver positions to enable reliable wireless communication. LG has also introduced a new full-duplex (FDR) system that transmits and receives data at the same time and in the same frequency band.

6G is expected to be standardized in the market by 2025, with commercialization happening in 2029. Although, it would be nice to see 5G before we start looking towards its successor! What are your thoughts on 6G? Let us know in the comments below.

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