Jio Tests Integrating 5G VoNR and 4G VoLTE for Better Voice Call Quality

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Since 5G spectrum auctions are still a couple of months away from official commencement, telecom operators are seen testing their 5G services to further enhance the capabilities once it starts rolling out for all netizens. With the same intention, Jio has now started trialing the integration of 5G VoNR with 4G VoLTE. Here’s what it means.

Jio Wants to Make Voice Calls Better on 5G!

It is revealed that Jio is trialing the interoperability between 5G VoNR (Voice over New Radio) and 4G VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution) after demonstrating some use cases during the trial of the 5th Gen airwaves. This integration is done using Jio’s indigenous 5G stack.

Jio’s Senior Vice President Ayush Bhatnagar, in a LinkedIn post, said, “After trialing advanced 5G services and scenarios, Jio has upgraded its 4G VoLTE network and integrated its Indigenous 5G core to trial 5G VoNR with 4G VoLTE.

This essentially will provide users with a better voice calling experience while staying on 5G. For the uninitiated, 5G VoNR is a way for calls to use 5G’s low latency while maintaining good call quality. It will dismiss the need for switching to the 4G network for voice calls. Currently, telcos switch to 4G, 3G, or 2G networks during calls.

Jio is also planning to provide 5G as a service to various organizations with the help of a “compact and scalable 5G solution.” The telecom operator is expected to introduce Jio 5G Hyperlite Stack, also based on the indigenous 5G stack, along with a Network Slicing Platform (NSP) to provide Network Slicing as a service.

This platform pre-integrates with Jio’s home-grown Cloud Native OSS and BSS (TM Forum Certified), to deliver an end-to-end service experience starting right from a customer-facing marketplace of 5G apps,” said the Jio SVP.

Jio’s Mathew Oommen told ET that the company aims to build the “right platforms” for its 5G services and will consider third-party tech besides its own. More details on this are expected to arrive soon. As a reminder, 5G spectrum auctions are slated to commence between June and August this year and the rollout is expected by 2022-2023. We shall update you with more 5G-related details when we get some. Hence, stay tuned.

VIA ET Telecom
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  • Ranjith says:

    Jio is working good but jio data is completing faster. make the data for a long time

  • Shobhit says:

    Currently no need for 5G speed for common customer . It’s better to work on 4 G performance and call drops. VoWIFI is better option for in door coverage and speed where as LTE for out door . Advance and secure WI-FI option in public places like markets , malls , railway will reduce load on RF radios .

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  • Srikanth says:

    4G tech itself is enough for high quality call audio. 5g is more of data speeds. Not much can be expected in terms of voice quality over 5g

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