iPhone 15 Pro Action Button: What It Is and How It Works

At its Wonderlust event, Apple announced the new iPhone 15 series. While Dynamic Island and the new 48MP camera are the highlighting features of non-Pro iPhone 15 models, the Action button is something that could turn out to be the most prominent feature of the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max. As rumored earlier, Apple has replaced the mute switch with a new action button. Let’s see how the iPhone 15 Pro action button works and how you can use it.

iPhone 15 Pro Action Button: What it is?

iPhone 15 Pro Action Button: What It Is and How It Works

The action button on iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is a small button above the volume rocker that can be assigned to perform a wide range of operations. As explained by Apple at the event, the action button is a new button that will replace the silent/ringer switch. It has been positioned at the same spot where the ringer/mute switch used to be on previous-generation iPhones. Upon pressing the action button, you will receive fine-tuned haptic feedback, which would be a great addition to the overall user experience. Apple already added a way to make iPhone Haptic touch faster in iOS 17.

However, the new action button on the iPhone 15 Pro will still work as a silent/ ringer toggle by default. Simply press the button to toggle between silent and ringer options. Also, since now all models of the iPhone 15 series have Dynamic Island, actions of the action button will also be visible in the Dynamic Island.

iPhone 15 Pro Action Button Functions

iPhone 15 Pro Action Button: What It Is and How It Works

The action button on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max works similarly to the one present on the Apple Watch Ultra. At the event, Apple explained that the action button can be programmed to quickly access the camera, open the voice recorder, access accessibility features, and more. The most important thing about the action button is that you can even program the button to launch a custom-made Shortcut. Imagine the tonnes of opportunities that the iPhone 15 action button makes possible!

Here are some of the tasks that you can perform using the action button on your iPhone 15:

  • Toggle between ringing and silent mode.
  • Turn on different Focus modes.
  • Launch the camera app
  • Turn on/off the flashlight
  • Record a voice memo
  • Launch Magnifier
  • Run a custom Shortcut
  • Access accessibility options
  • Translate languages (coming later this year)

While we are yet to see the iPhone 15 Pro’s action button in action, it looks like a great new feature and can be used to perform actions with just a flick of the button.

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