Upcoming 5.4-inch iPhone May be Called ‘iPhone 12 Mini’

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As we head towards October and an expected iPhone 12 event at breakneck speed, the leaks and rumours keep coming. We already know plenty about Apple’s upcoming smartphone lineup, including the fact that there are four new iPhones heading our way this year.

Up until now, our guesses for the naming of these iPhones were iPhone 12 for the 5.4-inch variant, iPhone 12 Max (maybe?) for the 6.1-inch variant, iPhone 12 Pro for another 6.1-inch variant, and iPhone 12 Pro Max for the largest ever, 6.7-inch iPhone. However, a new leak now suggests that the tiny 5.4-inch iPhone will in fact be called “iPhone 12 mini”.


While I’m not a fan of the “mini” moniker for the 5.4-inch iPhone 12, it does seem to be in line with Apple’s naming schemes for other devices, especially the iPad Mini. And, if you look a little further back in time, the iPod Mini. It’s entirely possible that iPhone 12 Mini becomes a real thing this year.

Naming aside, we already know that this year’s iPhones will use the A14 Bionic chipset, and with the announcement of the 4th-gen iPad Air, for the first time in a long time, the new processor has made its way to an iPad before it was found inside iPhones. We also know the phones will support 5G, although reports suggest that only the high-end variants will get mmWave support, with sub-6GHz standard across the line-up.

Also expected was 120Hz ProMotion on the iPhone 12, but those hopes have been shut down now, so we’ll be getting 60Hz displays yet again on this year’s flagship iPhones. That, along with the no charger in box (which Apple pretty much confirmed when it launched the Apple Watch Series 6 without a charger in the box), might tick some people off. However, Apple is doing so for reducing electronic waste, so maybe it’s all for the best.

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