iOS 12 Brings the Keyboard Trackpad to iPhones Without 3D Touch Too

It looks like Apple is slowly coming to the realization that most of the 3D Touch specific features it has offered on the iPhone 6S and above can pretty easily be ported to non-3D Touch iPhones with a simple long-press input instead.

Case in point: the 3D Touch feature that let users 3D Touch on the iOS keyboard to turn it into a trackpad and control the cursor position is now available on all iPhones that support iOS 12 — that’s a whopping 5 years worth of iPhones, by the way, including the iPhone 5S.

This is pretty great, because that 3D Touch feature was probably one of the most useful features in a smartphone keyboard and it made moving the cursor in a text field remarkably easy.

There is a difference here though:

  • While you can basically 3D Touch anywhere on the iOS keyboard to turn it into a trackpad, on non-3D Touch devices you’ll have to long press on the space bar instead for the same functionality.
Trackpad feature on iPhone XS
Trackpad feature on iPhone 5s

So yeah, obviously there are some subtle differences here, but over all, the feature is there, and it’s a pretty impressive one at that. Anyway, if you come across any other subtle changes or hidden features in iOS 12, do let us know about them in the comments down below.

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