Next-Gen Intel Lunar Lake CPUs to Deliver ~1.5x Better Performance over Meteor Lake: Report

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Image Courtesy: Intel
In Short
  • Intel Core Ultra's new generation, presumably the Series 2, should feature Lunar Lake architecture as per the company roadmap.
  • According to a new rumor, future U-Series processors from Intel could provide 1.5X better multi-core performance.
  • The source claims hyper-threading will no longer be supported on Lunar Lake, which corresponds to what we previously heard about the unreleased architecture.

A new rumor has surfaced regarding the Intel Lunar Lake architecture, which is expected to be used for next-generation Intel Core Ultra processors. According to this, the future Intel CPU architecture will provide an “almost 1.5x” increase in multi-threaded performance.

Popular synthetic CPU benchmarking tools Cinebench R23 and Geekbench 5 were mentioned by the source (@SquashBionic) who posted the details in an X post (formerly Twitter). If the rumor is true, the new Intel Core Ultra processors for laptops will finally feature a much-needed performance increase.

Source: X/@SquashBionic

In addition to this, the renowned hardware leaker @haruzake5719 questioned this source regarding the aforementioned 17W specification of future Intel Lunar Lake processors. Plus, it was stated that the configurable TDP (cTDP) for Intel’s upcoming new Core Ultra U-Series chipsets based on Lunar Lake architecture will be “extended” to 30W.

We previously heard that the chipmaker could be considering ditching hyper-threading completely on future Intel processor designs. Intel Lunar Lake architecture, which has the code name LNL, as revealed by the source, will not feature hyper-threading.

By the way, the source is comparing performance against the U-Series Meteor Lake architecture. More rumors that we heard previously on Intel’s Lunar Lake architecture have been linked below.

Looks like even without hyper-threading, Intel could be gearing up to release incredibly fast new Core Ultra CPUs based on its new architecture. You can check out the specifications of the current-gen Meteor Lake architecture-based Intel Core Ultra (Series 1) CPUs here.

This new generation may finally make me consider buying an AI PC, as my performance demands would be finally met. While the new Intel Core Ultra processors that were released recently brought several improvements, especially in the efficiency department, the performance didn’t impress me very much.

Intel’s Official Statement on Lunar Lake and New Core Ultra Generations

Image Courtesy: Intel

When Intel released Meteor Lake architecture, the chipmaker went ahead and also later spoke on its future roadmap. This showed that by 2025, Intel plans to release several new processor generations. The first upcoming architecture on the roadmap is shown to be Arrow Lake, as you can see above.

According to Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger, Lunar Lake is targeted to triple the AI performance. With Meteor Lake architecture, the company introduced the first Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that specifically handles AI workloads. The NPU should get way better with the Lunar Lake architecture.

What are your thoughts on Intel Lunar Lake and the upcoming generation of Core Ultra processors? Let us know in the comments below.

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