Intel 13th Gen Desktop CPU Details Leaked; Check Them Out!

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Intel is highly expected to introduce the next-generation 13th Gen Raptor Lake desktop CPUs soon and before this becomes official, we have details regarding them. The latest leak hints at a significant performance boost for the new CPUs. Here’s a look at the details.

Intel 13th Gen CPUs Specs Leaked

As per an image shared on the Chinese social media platform BiliBili, Intel’s 13th Gen S and K-series processors will come with support for 65W and 125W TDP, respectively. They will also come with increased cache, up to 36MB as compared to the Intel 12th Gen CPUs.

There will be the Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, and Core i9 models. While the base Core i3 lineup won’t see many changes, there will be improvements for the other lineups.

intel 13th gen cpus leaked
Image: BiliBili

For instance, the Intel 13th Gen Core i9 processors are said to support 24 cores (8 performance and 16 efficiency cores), the Core i7 processors could get 16 cores (8P+8E), and the Core i5 CPUs are slated to come with 14 cores (6P+8E). To recall, the Intel 12th Gen desktop CPUs support up to 16 cores.

The leaked table also reveals the names of the Intel 13th Gen processors. The Core i9 family is to include the i9-13900, i9-13900F, i9-13900K, and i9-13900KF. The Core i7 lineup could have the i7-13700, i7-13700F, i7-13700K, and i7-13700KF. The Core i5 series could have the i5-13600K, i5-13600KF, i5-13600, and i5-13500, while the Core i3 is expected to include the i3-13100.

However, other details, including the boost clock speeds are still missing. Since the aforementioned is also a leak, we should wait for official information to get a better idea. Intel is expected to announce the 13th Gen CPUs soon, possibly in October. We will keep you posted whenever this happens. So, stay tuned.

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