Instagram Starts Rolling out 'Add Yours' Sticker; Here's How It Works

Instagram Starts Rolling out ‘Add Yours’ Sticker; Here’s How It Works

Instagram Starts Rolling out 'Add Yours' Sticker; Here's How It Works

If you are an active Instagram user, it’s highly likely that you have seen Stories urging you to post your best sunset pictures, memes, or your favorite music track through an ‘Add Yours’ sticker. After testing the feature in Brazil, Instagram is now globally rolling out the ‘Add Yours’ sticker with custom prompts and public responses.

How to Use Instagram ‘Add Yours’ Sticker

For the uninitiated, Instagram’s ‘Add Yours’ sticker is the company’s new feature that lets users respond to Stories with images. Anyone on Instagram can view previous submissions to the sticker including yours, making it a convenient way to discover content based on the same theme or topic. If you have a private account, others can see Stories added to the sticker while your original story will only be visible just to your followers.

To try out the sticker, open the Story interface and tap on the Sticker icon from the top bar. You will now see a new ‘Add Yours’ sticker at the top. Tap it to create a new ‘Add Yours’ thread.

add yours sticker instagram

When the sticker appears, type a prompt, place the sticker anywhere on the screen, and post the story. You also have the option to resize the sticker with pinch-to-zoom gestures.

type prompt and post story

Your followers (or anyone if you have a public account) can then tap on the ‘Add Yours’ button available in your story to add their own submissions. As mentioned above, anyone can see submissions from other Instagram users when they press the sticker.

reply to add yours sticker

Instagram’s ‘Add Yours’ sticker was an instant hit a few weeks back when the company first started testing it, mainly due to the exclusivity factor. We will have to wait to see if users will continue participating once the novelty wears off. The photo-sharing giant has been moving key features to stickers recently. Now, anyone can use the Link sticker to share web links and the Share sticker to share posts in Stories. Are you seeing this new interactive sticker on Instagram? How do you plan on using it? Let us know in the comments below.

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