Instagram Reels Can Now Be Extended to 90 Seconds

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Instagram has clarified multiple times that creators are one of its priorities. As a result, a set of new features are making their way to Instagram Reels that will benefit creators by helping them expand their reach on the platform. Have a look at what’s in store.

New Instagram Reels Features Introduced

First up, with an aim to compete with its direct rival TikTok, Instagram will now let you create Reels that will last up to 90 seconds. This isn’t as long as the 10-minute limit of TikTok videos but it’s still a good addition and will give help creators add more content to their Reels. This ability was rumored earlier this year and is finally making its way on the platform. Previously, Instagram allowed for 60-second long Reels only.

There’s also a new set of sound effects ranging from airhorns to drums, and more. This will further help you engage more people. And to add your own touch to the short video, you can now import your own audio, which can be a voice-over or background noise. This just needs to be at least 5 seconds long.

Reels can now have interactive stickers that are already available on Instagram Stories. So, you can now add the Poll sticker to ask for your audience’s opinion on things, put up a quiz for some fun activity with your followers, and even add an emoji slider to see how well they receive the short video. These stickers can safely be considered popular on Stories and can help make Reels more interactive too.

Instagram has also introduced Templates that can help you create a Reel based on an existing one. The audio and clip placements remain the same and you simply need to add the basic changes. This can prove helpful for people who are just starting out in this arena. But, yet again, this is another page taken from the TikTok playbook!

In addition, Facebook Reels have also got new features like Suggested Reels on the Feed, the video clipping tools, the ability to create and schedule Facebook Reels on desktop, and audio tools like Sound Sync, among others.

Instagram says that it will continue to add more features for Reels so that you further engage with your audience and make your content viral. What do you think about these new features? Do you think these are good enough to rival TikTok? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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