Instagram Now Lets You Remove Followers You Don’t Follow Back

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Instagram recently started showing unfollow suggestions with ‘Least Interacted With’ and ‘Most Shown in Feed’ categories to remove people you no longer interact with. The company has now gradually started rolling out a similar feature named Follower categories for cleaning up your followers list.

You will see two categories in your Instagram Followers section namely ‘Accounts You Don’t Follow Back’ and ‘Least Interacted With’. The first category shows you the list of accounts that follow you, but you don’t follow them back. This might be extremely useful if you are interested to get rid of strangers that you no longer want to share your social life with.

instagram follower categories

Next up, we have the much needed ‘Least Interacted With’ category. Yes, Instagram has finally taken steps to let you remove those unwanted ghost followers from your profile. According to Instagram, the feature lists the accounts that you’ve least interacted in the past 90 days.

To access Follower categories, all you have to do is simply open your Instagram app, head to your Profile, and tap on Followers. Take a look at the image below for a better understanding.

access instagram follower categories

The feature is gradually rolling out to both Android and iOS users through a server-side update. The feature is live on my Android device and almost every other Android handset I checked with whereas it was missing on a few iPhones.

If your phone is missing the feature, you should hopefully be getting it in the coming weeks. Anyway, Instagram is finally adding much-needed features a lot of us would get benefitted from to get rid of unwanted people.

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