Instagram Adds New Security and Verification Features

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Instagram is today rolling out a number of security measures, making the platform safer for its billions of users. It is giving users access to more info on an account, the ability to apply for verification, and use third-party apps for two-factor authentication. Let’s take a closer look at each of these features:

About this Account

First and foremost, Instagram will provide you with a lot more insight into accounts that reach wide audiences. A new ‘About this Account’ section, accessible via a user’s profile, will inform you when someone joined the platform, account location, accounts with shared followers, ads being run by them, and more.

instagram about

Instagram will notify accounts with huge followings, that dole out info related to current events, political or social causes, to review the details before they become available to users later in September.

Profile Verification

The most important and awaited update comes in the form of a verification form, which is now official. Anyone can now fill and request the iconic blue tick on Instagram. It had previously been restricted to public figures, brands and other major profiles until date but will now become accessible to the general masses.

Instagram Adds New Security and Verification Features

You will be able to head to the Settings in your Instagram app to fill out a simple form, attach an identity proof, and await the result of your verification process. You can check out the complete, in-depth process to apply for verification right here.

P.S: Filling up the form doesn’t guarantee you a blue tick in your Instagram profile.

2FA Authenticator App Support

Finally, Instagram is extending the scope of its two-factor authentication feature beyond your phone number and will soon allow you to use third-party authenticator apps to log into your account. You no longer need to wait for the six-digit code to arrive in the message inbox and jump straight into your choice of app and authenticate your login.

Instagram Adds New Security and Verification Features

These security features are currently rolling out on iOS and should make their way to Android in the coming days. So, are you excited to finally be able to request the blue tick and upgrade your status? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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