Instagram Tests “Blend” to Curate a Shared Feed of Reels

Instagram Tests “Blend” to Curate a Shared Feed of Reels
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In Short
  • Instagram is internally working on a Blend feature that might come to the app.
  • Blend will let you create a private feed of reels that will be based on the content you share and your interests.
  • It is not sure if you will get other reel recommendations in a private feed or if the feature will even get released.

Do you and your friend share a good chunk of your time sharing Reels on Instagram? Then you might want to hear about this feature Instagram is working on. The new feature is called “Blend” and it will let you create a private feed of Reels curated just for you and your friend. Blend will combine the Reels you’ve shared with each other on Instagram and the content you both typically enjoy.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known reverse engineer and leaker first spotted this feature. According to his X (formerly Twitter) post, the feature will be private between two users. That means your other friends won’t know if you have started a Blend with someone. And either one of you can leave at any time. It is unknown whether the Blend will stop if the host leaves it.

Image Courtesy: Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a)

The attached screenshot shared by Alessandro gives you a brief description of what you can expect from the new feature. As per the description, Blend will let two people share a private feed of reels with content curated just for them on Instagram. However, it is unclear if you will see any other recommendations outside your and your friend’s interests. The content’s refresh and update frequency is a source of doubt.

Blend is only available internally at the moment. And there are no reports of the availability of the feature externally. So suffice it to say that the feature won’t be available for the public anytime soon. Likely, the name of the feature might also change since it clashes with Spotify’s Blend feature which works identically. There’s also a chance it might not be released publicly at all.

Features like Blend offer new ways to discover content on Instagram that you would want to watch and share with friends. And if it is a new friend then it can be a great way to learn each other’s interests and grow your bond. I can already picture myself creating a bunch of Blend feeds with different friends of mine. It will also help you find content that you think a friend of yours genuinely likes.

What are your thoughts about the Blend feature and whether you think that Instagram should release it publicly? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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