Massive Insomniac Games Leak Sheds Light on Future Game Releases

Insomniac Games leak
In Short
  • A ransomware group has leaked details of all games currently under development at Insomniac Games.
  • The 1.67TB leaks contain details about the upcoming Wolverine game, including the cast, white box demo, and more.
  • The leak also reveals Insomniac Games' future roadmap, including a Venom game, an X-Men game, and a lot more.

If you think the GTA 6 leak from last year hurt, well, think twice, as Insomniac Games is the latest victim of a data breach. Last week, a ransomware group threatened to release internal information and in-development game data online if Insomniac didn’t meet their demands. Well, it seems like the Spider-Man 2 developer did not deliver the required sum, and the hackers have made good on their promise.

Insomniac Games’ internal data is now circulating online, and it includes details of one of the highly anticipated Marvel games. That is not all, though, as we’ve also got a peek at Insomniac’s plans for the next ten years.

Insomniac Games Internal Data, Roadmap Leaked

Around 1.67TB of data was circulating on anonymous online boards and gaming forums earlier in the morning. And the amount of information leaked online includes a lot of sensitive information. For starters, the entire cast of the upcoming Wolverine game by the studio has surfaced online. This game was first announced at the PlayStation Showcase in 2021.

The cast of characters includes some of the well-known heavy hitters in video-game voice acting. Moreover, the white box development demo for internal usage also surfaced online, alongside the prologue and the synopsis of the game.

Insomniac Games Wolverine leak

Each of these leaks briefly showcases the game currently in development. And these leaks, without a doubt, will cause a lot of internal hardships.

In addition to the Wolverine leak, a project release timeline for upcoming games being developed by Insomniac Games has also been published. This also includes the concept art for the next Ratchet and Clank game, slated to launch in 2029. The roadmap also adds weight to recent leaks and lists Marvel’s Venom as a brand-new game launching in 2025, with Wolverine launching in 2026. Later on, we will also get a third Spider-Man game in 2028 and an X-Men game in 2030.

Furthermore, the Insomniac Games leak includes employee HR information, screenshots of Slack messages, and more. This means data on past, current, and even prospective employees were also made public. Sony has yet to comment on the Insomniac Games leak, but we are keeping an ear on the ground and will update you once we hear something new.

Ransomware Group Confirms Its Involvement

As per, Rhyside, a ransomware group, has taken credit for this leak. They extracted data of around 1.67TB, including 1.3 million files, to extort Sony PlayStation. As per the website, the hacker group asked for 50 Bitcoins (or around $2 million). The group made 98% of data available to the public. The rest of the data were sold to a bidder.

The ransomware group says that they were aware of hitting the game developer, and the hack was an easy job where they stole the domain administrator rights within 20-25 minutes of hacking the network. They claim that studios such as these are an easy target, and the motivation behind the leak was strictly monetary.

Video game leaks are never fun for the publisher, developer, as well as excited gamers. While such a situation results in games getting spoiled, it is much worse for publishers and developers. Leaks like these have always created internal turmoil, wherein sometimes titles get scrapped, there are delays in development, and more. Some of the high-profile leaks from the last decade include Cyberpunk 2077, GTA 6, and now, Insomniac Games.

Hopefully, we will get some sort of official confirmation from Sony about the leak, as something like this happening during the holiday season is no short of heartbreaking. Furthermore, we wish for the safety and well-being of every employee in Insomniac Games affected by the leaks.

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