India Considering Military Usage of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning


India is considering the military usage of Artificial Intelligence for national security and military strategic purposes and the government is studying a report recommending the duel use of technology in aviation, naval, land systems, cyber, nuclear and biological warfare.

Minister of State for Defence Subhash Bhamre told the Lok Sabha that the ministry has initiated the process of preparing Indian defence forces in their use of Artificial Intelligence and leveraging India’s capabilities in machine learning sectors.

This, he said, has a potential to fuel technology driven economic growth and provide military superiority.

India Considering Military Usage of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

To study the strategic implications of Artificial Intelligence on national security, a multi-stakeholder task force comprising the government, services, academia, industry, professionals and start-ups was constituted in February this year.

The group led by Natarajan Chandrasekharan, Chairman Tata Sons, was tasked to prepare a road map for Artificial Intelligence for national security purposes.

The Task Force submitted its report on June 30 after studying the level of Artificial Intelligence development in India in general and specifically in the context of defence needs.

The group has made recommendations relating to making India a significant power of Artificial Intelligence for both defensive and offensive needs, Bhamre said.

The group has also made recommendations for policy and institutional interventions required to regulate and encourage robust Artificial Intelligence-based technologies for the defence sector in the country.

Considering that most Artificial Intelligence work is happening in the private sector, it has also made recommendations to work with start-ups and commercial industry in the field of use of Artificial Intelligence for defence purposes.

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