India Is the 5th Cheapest Country with Low Mobile Data Prices: Report

india offers lowest mobile data prices

India again stands on the list of the countries to offer the cheapest mobile data plans and has become the 5th cheapest country globally this year. The report comes from the UK-based firm, which studied the cost of 1GB of mobile data in 233 countries. Here’s a look at its findings.

India’s Mobile Data Plans Are the Cheapest!

A report reveals that India comes 5th in terms of the lowest mobile data prices with the cost of $0.17 (~ Rs 14). The fourth place has been taken by Fiji with a $0.15 data cost (~ Rs 12), San Marino in the third spot with a $0.14 cost (~ Rs 11.17), and Italy in the second position with a $0.12 data cost (~ Rs 9.57). Israel came in first with the data cost of $0.04 (~ Rs3.19).

The report claims that Israel is the global leader in 5G technology and continues to be one in terms of data prices worldwide. As for India, a majority of people rely on mobile data, which increases its demand and as a result, costs less.

To recall, back in 2020, a similar study conducted by had India in the first position with a data cost of $0.09 (~ Rs 7.18). While it still offers the lowest mobile data prices, this has increased with time and could be a bit alarming!

The list also talks about the five countries with the most expensive mobile data globally. It includes Saint Helena in the first position with a data cost of $41.06 (~ Rs 3,200), followed by the Falkland Islands with a data cost of $38.45 (~ Rs 3,000), São Tomé and Príncipe with a data cost of $29.49 (~ Rs 2,350), Tokelau with a data cost of $17.88 (~ Rs 1,400), and Yemen with a data cost of $16.58 (~ Rs 1,300).

cheapest, expensive mobile data prices globally

It is noted that 4 out of the 5 most expensive countries in terms of mobile data are islands, while 2 out of the 5 fall in the sub-Saharan area. Both these regions are said to offer the most expensive mobile data.

The report talks about more 4 paradigms based on which you figure out the prices of mobile data in these countries. This includes excellent infrastructure, heavy reliance, small consumption, and a wealthy economy. You can check out the report for a better understanding. And do share your thoughts on this in the comments below.

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  • Saini says:

    I wonder if 4G speed is more or less same as India in those countries like Israel and Italy…

    In small towns 4G speed in India is about 100~300 kbps. Hope 5G crosses 1mbps mark in small towns and rural India.

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