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IIT Delhi All Set For Guinness World Record With Longest Selfie Chain

The Oxford word of the year 2013, selfie, started making headlines even before that year. Almost everyone on the social networking sites has posted one or the other selfie of theirs. So, it comes as no surprise when a Guinness world record is tried to be broken involving the same word.

IIT Delhi on their cultural fest Rendezvous is trying to set a new Guinness world record with the longest selfie chain. They plan to form a chain of 1000 people or more and shoot selfies in a go.

Sachit Sehgal, a student at IIT-D and one of the co-ordinators for the event, said,

“We wanted to do something a little off-beat and, about two weeks ago, during a brainstorming chanced upon this idea. Currently, the world record for the longest selfie is for 250-plus participants and we thought we could do much better. So we formed a Facebook group, asking students to participate”.

World's best selfie

Some interesting facts about the current Guinness world record of the longest selfie chain:-

  • The record is currently held by two Australian companies. They made the record in July this year.
  • 279 people stood in line to form the shape of Australia before taking their own pictures.
  • They beat the previous record, held by students of John Carroll University, US, in June this year. They were a total of 267 people.

For IIT Delhi to break the previous record of the current record holders; Guinness has very strict rules and regulations that need to be kept in mind. They are:-

  • Before taking the selfie, people have to stand in a certain kind of formation prior to the official stating it to be correct.
  • It is mandatory to have two people in a selfie. For instance, once the first selfie is taken, the second person is required to take a selfie with the third person and so on till the end of line.
  • Selfies have to be taken consecutively and the difference between the two selfies cannot be more than 60 seconds.
  • Selfies have to be taken with a smartphone only.

In order to make sure that the whole process goes without any flaw, rehearsals have been set up on the 17th and 18th of October. They’ve made a Google Form where they invited people to be a part of history. Till now, they’ve received more than 3000 applications.

I am not at all surprised by this. How difficult can taking a selfie be? We’re all pretty experienced in this field. So, go and register!

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